Creating Automatic Publish Schedules on YouTube

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Creating Automatic Publish Schedules on YouTube
Creating Automatic Publish the Schedules on YouTube

Here's how to create an automatic publish schedule on YouTube. Another term is to create an automatic publishing schedule for each video that has finished uploading. This way we can set when a video can be watched publicly on YouTube.

How to create an automatic upload schedule on YouTube? The method is very easy, after the video is finished uploading, in the Visibility section, select the Schedule menu. On the Schedule menu, please select a public date and time for the video. Finally, we click the Schedule button to save the settings.

Currently, many YouTube channels already have systems like those on television. Where the process of taking pictures (shooting) is done in close proximity but the broadcast time of each episode can be far apart.

For example, you take a video in 1 full day for 5 episodes, and on the second day, you finish the editing process and upload all videos to the YouTube channel. Even though all videos have been uploaded, the 5 videos can be published at 5 different times/days by using this automatic publish schedule feature.

Can the video schedule be changed or canceled?

Can. The important thing is that you make changes to the schedule before the time of publishing. Say you have set a video to publish on January 6, 2023, at 5.30 PM. You can still change the publishing schedule until January 6, 2023, at 5.29 PM. Because at 5.30 PM the video will be automatically published (if not changed).

You can also set the video back to private if there is no alternative show schedule. After the video becomes private, you can set the publish schedule again as before.

In addition, you can also make videos that have been given a publishing schedule to be published instantly, without the need to wait for a schedule. You just need to change the scheduled setting to the public in the visibility section then click the Publish button (just like a normal video upload).

Creating Automatic Upload Schedules on YouTube - Scheduled Publish

  1. Perform the process of uploading YouTube videos as usual
  2. Please fill in the video title, description, playlist, upload thumbnail, category, etc. If so, please click the button > Next to go to the video element settings.
  3. Please set the video element as you wish, you can also skip this setting. Next, please click the button > Next to proceed to the video inspection section, including copyright inspection. If you are finished in the inspection section, please click the button > Next to enter the Visibility settings.
  4. On the Visibility page, please select the Schedule column. If successful, the column will open a selection of video publication dates and time
  5. Please select the date and time when the video will be published. (You can also make the video premiere by enabling options > Set as Premiere). If you have set the date and time to publish, please click the button > ScheduleCreating Automatic Publish the Schedules on YouTube

The difference between YouTube Premiere videos and regular videos

For those of you who are not used to it, you may be a little confused about the difference between regular videos (Video On Demand) and Premiere videos on YouTube. For videos that are set as Premiere videos, at the premiere, the video will be displayed like a Live video, where viewers cannot skip the video.

When the premiere video is playing, there will be a live chat page (like in a live video) where all viewers can interact directly during the video playing. After the video is finished, you can still send messages via the comments page as usual.

If the premiere video has ended, the video will automatically turn into a regular video (VOD) and can be watched again and can be skipped like YouTube videos in general.

Pay attention to the readiness of the video for the HD version

If forced to publish a video before the HD version is complete, the available video quality is usually very low, below 720p, sometimes even the SD version (480p) is only available.

For those of you who often upload videos with a minimum resolution of 1080p, of course, you often read notifications about videos that have been uploaded but haven't finished processing the HD version. This should also be considered when scheduling videos on YouTube.

If the publish time is too close to the upload process, it is possible that the video quality displayed will not be optimal because the maximum video quality is not yet available. Therefore, always make sure the video that will be published has finished processing the HD version of the video.

Is there a limit to the number of videos that can be scheduled to show?

It does not specifically mention the maximum number of videos that are scheduled, but there are regulations regarding the number of videos that can be uploaded in one day (24 hours). The latest information that I got we can upload up to 100 videos in one day.

So it looks like the video limit isn't a problem for us - we're normal users. Generally one channel uploads 1 - 10 videos per day. Perhaps an exception for TV station channel owners, one day they can upload up to tens of videos because they divide the upload of one TV show into several videos (per segment).

Can scheduled videos be watched privately?

Can. However, it can only be watched by the owner of the account/channel where the video was uploaded. So even if you share the video link, other people can't/haven't been able to watch the scheduled video because it's not aired yet.

If you want to share a video that has been uploaded (but doesn't want to be published yet) I suggest making it "Unlisted" first, so that the video link can be shared and watched even if you are not the owner of the video.

Just after watching, please give a schedule as above.

Hopefully, this article on how to make an automatic upload schedule on YouTube is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column as usual. Keep being a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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