Now subscribers count can't be hidden, why?

Rindi Putra
Now subscribers count can't be hidden, why?
Now subscribers count can't be hidden, why?

I am a follower of the "hide subscriber count" flow but it seems that it can no longer be used because now the subscriber count cannot be hidden, why?. Did something important happen that this hide subscriber feature was removed? Or will there be another feature as a replacement?

Yup! In the middle of July 2022, my YouTube channel received a notification that starting July 29, 2022, each channel cannot hide its subscriber count. In essence, the message informs that from that date each channel can no longer hide the number of subscribers on YouTube.

Starting on July 29, 2022, channels will no longer be able to hide their subscriber count on YouTube

That's the message that appears on the dashboard page of Rindi Tech's YouTube channel. The content is very short and clear about the number of hidden subscribers that will be displayed starting on July 29, 2022. At the time the information entered my YouTube channel, it was a channel that didn't want to show the number of subscribers. Hehe

The subscriber's count can't be hidden, what is the reason?

After researching more about this setting change I found that it does nothing but avoid comment spam and also makes it easier for users to spot fake channels (channel importers).

Making subscriber counts visible: Starting July 29, channels can no longer hide their subscriber count on YouTube. Displaying all channels' subscriber counts makes it harder to impersonate others. To learn more about what we're doing to tackle impersonation on YouTube

There are many impostor channels or channels that are made as closely as possible to large channels. Starting from TV channels, sports channels, big YouTuber channels, and other well-known channels, there are now many "twins". Sometimes it is the impostor's channel that benefits, not the original channel.

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Many scams from this loophole

With so many impostor channels, it makes users confused and not a few think that the impostor channel is the original channel. With such an assumption, it is very easy for the impostor channel to commit fraud because basically, the "innocent" user trusts the original channel owner.

Usually, potential victims are sent personal messages (direct messages) and persuaded to do something that can be detrimental, for example asking for personal data, bank account data or even asking for business and then being asked to send some money.

For a safer community

Personally, I really want my subscriber count to be hidden, but because it is related to the security of interacting on the internet, I can accept if the feature to hide the subscriber count is removed.

For those of us - those of us who are technology literate and always updated about developments in the internet world, maybe we can easily distinguish which accounts are fake and which are real accounts. However, for some other users who do not really understand the world of the internet in-depth, they will be very vulnerable to being cheated.

From my experience writing about fraudulent websites, many young people are still being scammed via the internet. There is just a reason for the fraudsters to make potential victims believe. Therefore I strongly agree that this feature is removed to maintain community security.

More updates from YouTube

In addition to updates regarding the removed hide subscriber feature, YouTube also brings other updates related to the mentioned feature for all channels. Previously only a few channels could tag or mention other YouTube channels, now all channels can tag/mention other channels.

Expanding mentions to all channels: All channels can now use the “@” symbol to mention other channels or be mentioned regardless of their subscriber counts. Learn more.

Previously, to be able to tag/mention other channels, we were required to have 'that' number of subscribers. Now all channels can tag/mention other channels by writing the "@" symbol before the channel regardless of the number of subscribers.

Hopefully, this article about the number of subscribers that shouldn't be hidden on YouTube is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual.

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