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Fix Error Preview Screen Turns Black in Premiere Pro
Fix Error Preview Screen Turns Black in Premiere Pro

The following is how to fix or fix the preview screen error that turns black or blank in Adobe Premiere Pro. With this tutorial, I fixed the preview page that suddenly turned black while editing a video. Please follow the tutorial below.

To fix the Premiere Pro preview screen that goes black or blank, we need to change the settings or settings in the Google Chrome application which indirectly affects the performance of other applications. The next way is to change the rendering system used in the application.

I tried these two methods and managed to fix the problem in the Adobe Premiere Pro application that I use. Hopefully, this method also helps you fix the problem of the preview screen in Premiere Pro that suddenly turns black or blank.

In this tutorial, I use the Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 application and successfully use the two methods below. If you use another version it doesn't matter, maybe it's just a difference in the placement of the menu, but in principle the same.

How To Fix Preview Screen Turns Black in Premiere Pro (Option 1)

  1. Open the Google Chrome app
  2. Open the Settings section (click the menu button (three dots in a row) then select the Settings menu)
  3. On the settings page, please select the System sub-menu or enter the following link in the address bar: "chrome://settings/system".
  4. Please turn off or disable the "Use hardware acceleration when available" section. If successful the Chrome system will ask to reload the application (relaunch). Please click the relaunch button so that Chrome restarts the application.
    Fix Error Preview Screen Turns Black in Premiere Pro
  5. Please restart Premiere Pro (Close or close then reopen). If successful the preview page in Premiere Pro will return to normal.

If it doesn't work with the method above, please follow the second method below.

How to Fix Preview Screen Error Turning Black in Premiere Pro (Option 2)

  1. In the Adobe Premiere Pro application, please open the File menu > Project Settings > General
  2. On the project settings page look for the renderer section. Please change from "Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA)" to "Mercury Playback Setting Software Only"
  3. If you have changed to Mercury Playback Setting Software Only, please click the OK button.
    Fix Error Preview Screen Turns Black in Premiere Pro
  4. If successful, the preview screen will return to normal. If it still doesn't appear, please try restarting the Premiere Pro application as in the first method above.

Personally, I still choose the first method above, although sometimes the problem reappears suddenly. If you use the second method, I can't stand the application being slow and lagging. I'd rather restart the Premiere Pro application than stick with a slow application.

Premiere Pro preview is normal but lags (slow)

In my experience, the two methods above can be used and work, but for the first method sometimes the problem comes back again. But the drawback of this second method is that the Premiere Pro performance on my computer has decreased, and sometimes there is a lag when playing videos on the preview screen.

To outsmart I lowered the quality of the preview. To do this, please click on the Playback Resolution section (located below the preview screen) which is marked with the words Full, 1/2, or 1/4. If it says "Full" try lowering it to 1/2, if it still lags try lowering it to 1/4. If it's still lagging, please try the method below.

One of the reasons why my Premiere Pro lags maybe because I disabled the onboard VGA, so there is a possibility that the lag problem can be solved if the onboard VGA is reactivated. To do this, please follow the steps below.

  1. Please click the Start button on the PC
  2. Type "Device Manager" and then open the application.
  3. In the Display Adapters section, make sure the Intel HD Graphics VGA (if using an Intel processor) is enabled. To make sure, please right-click on the Intel HD Graphics text then click the Enable device option.
  4. Please close the device manager page then restart the Adobe Premiere Pro application.

Video quality and PC specifications also certainly affect it, yes, I still use a PC with standard specifications but I often edit videos with 1080p 60fps quality, and maybe that's why my PC is always "angry" even though it's not often. Hehe

Still not working?

If you have done all the methods above, and are sure that there are no wrong steps, then it is time for you to update the PC system and Premiere Pro application. For the prefix please update the windows that you are using, for the method please search on Google or on YouTube yes "How to update windows".

If you are already using the latest Windows (already updated) but the application still keeps getting errors, it's time for you to update the Premiere Pro application with the latest patch. Or if you're using the old-school Adobe Premiere Pro application, maybe it's time for you to upgrade to the latest version.

There may be nothing wrong on your PC or computer, what is wrong is in the Adobe application you are using and usually, the bug is fixed in the next version of the application (not fixed in the same version), so inevitably we have to upgrade or change to Premiere Pro latest version.

How to fullscreen preview in Premiere Pro

To make the preview page fullscreen, please click or activate the preview window, then double-click (double click) in the empty area next to the preview title. The window will automatically change to fullscreen. to return to the initial size (default) please double-click again in the same place.

The second way, please click or activate the preview page, then press the Ctrl + ~ button (the button to the left of button 1 on the keyboard, or above the tab button). The preview page will be full-screen. To restore it please press the same button again.

How to change the size and position of the preview window in Premiere Pro

To change the size of the preview window, please hover the mouse over the border of the preview window until the mouse button changes to a sliding icon, please hold down the left mouse button and drag it to the desired position, then release the click button.

To change the position of the preview window, please click or activate the preview window. Next, position the mouse at the top of the panel, then drag-and-drop the preview window to any part of the Premiere Pro page.

Alternative video editing applications besides Adobe Premiere Pro

Even though it is paid, it is not a guarantee that the Adobe Premiere Pro application will be free from problems or bugs, if you are looking for an alternative video editing application other than Adobe Premiere Pro, you can start looking for or try some of the applications below.

DaVinci Resolve

The video editing application DaVinci Resolve also has a free version, so if you are still not sure about buying the paid one, you can try the free version first. If you are suitable please upgrade to the paid version.

But if it turns out that using the free version is enough for you, then why not continue using the free version?! It's pretty cost-effective for the application.

Final Cut Pro

This application is specifically for Mac users, there is a trial version with a duration of 90 days. If you are curious, please just try using the trial version, if it fits you can continue to buy the paid version.

Corel VideoStudio

For those of you who often edit images using CorelDraw, this is another product. Corel VideoStudio is known to be very suitable for beginners although the price is not as expensive as other video editing applications.

Priced at $79.99 for the Pro version, this seems to be one of the cheapest prices compared to other video editing applications.


This application can be used on Mac and Windows and it turns out that the price is also the same as Corel VideoStudio which is $79.99 for a one-time payment, or $54.99 for a year. The Filmora application is known for its easy-to-use interface and also always gets new features on a regular basis.

Hopefully, this article on how to fix the preview screen error to black in Premiere Pro is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Keep being a wise user! 

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