Monaco GP contract stalled, Nico Rosberg: Because of the local organizer

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Monaco GP contract stalled, Nico Rosberg: Because of the local organizer
Monaco GP contract stalled, Nico Rosberg: Because of the local organizer

The holding of the Monaco GP in 2023 (and beyond) is still uncertain. Even now it has reached the middle of the season, and there is still no clarity. Former F1 world champion in 2016, Nico Rosberg provides interesting information about why the Monaco GP negotiations this time are so tough.

It is common knowledge that Monaco gets a "special contract" from F1 because the Monaco GP name is very historic for F1. So it is very natural that Monaco is included in a country that always gets a "big discount" from F1.

"It must continue, but it is clear that the organizers will have to adapt. For example, you often see advertising banners of companies that are the direct competitors of Formula 1 sponsors. So yes, it's a difficult situation that they need to look for a way out of." -Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg provided information that one of the reasons why negotiations for a Monaco GP contract extension this time were so slow was because of the local organizer (Automobile Club de Monaco). Nico explained that the local committee still insisted on bringing in sponsors who directly competed with the regular sponsors of F1.

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Monaco GP contract stalled, Nico Rosberg: Because of the local organizer

Nico Rosberg said that the Monaco GP contract was delayed for 2023 and beyond because the local organizer, the Automobile Club de Monaco, should have respected Formula 1.

An example is the luxury watch company Tag Heuer, which has always been a sponsor at the F1 event in Monaco and is a direct competitor to the luxury watch company Rolex, the official sponsor of Formula 1 globally.

"So when you see the Tag Hauer banners around the place saying ‘Tag Heuer the official watch of the Monaco Grand Prix’. Well look at that Rolex clock, that’s on Formula 1 property. They are saying ‘hang on, Rolex pay a lot of 'muller' to be the official watch of Formula 1, what are you doing embarrassing them by putting all this Tag Heuer signage everywhere’. I guess in watch politics that’s a big thing, for us it's probably not." -Ted Kravitz

Things like this of course will always cause problems, at least a protest from one company that feels it is no longer exclusive at the event even though it has paid a lot of money. If we look at the F1 car onboard during the 2022 Monaco race, we will see the Rolex logo next to the Tag Heuer logo.

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The Prince of Monaco Gets Involved

This complicated condition also dragged the name of the prince of Monaco, Prince Albert II. It is said that Prince Albert took part in these negotiations because he wanted this matter to be resolved as soon as possible. The details, it is still unclear at this time, but hopefully, this is a good sign.

"Prince Albert personally intervened in the negotiations because the representatives of the automobile club continue to play very hard and firm," -Nico Rosberg

Prince Albert II's involvement is considered natural because the Monaco GP is not an ordinary annual event for Monaco, but is considered a "state event" as well. After the event is over, usually Prince Albert and Princess Charlene hand the trophies to the winners on the podium.

Monaco is a small country when compared to other F1 racing countries, with a population of only 40,000 people (2020), so it is common that the kingdom is always involved in various activities in the country.

The latest information on holding the Monaco GP next year is still in the negotiation stage. Although it is likely that it will still be held, this condition is considered "worrisome" because information on the extension of the cooperation contract is generally announced one or two years before the contract expires.

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