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How To Remove Chromium Until It's Permanently Clean
How To Remove Chromium Until It's Permanently Clean

In the past, you can delete chromium directly from the explorer page, we only need to delete some folders related to the Chromium application and the application will automatically disappear. But now it can't be that easy anymore, you have to use the latest method to be able to remove Chromium.

The following is the latest way to remove Chromium until it is permanently clean. Especially for this Chromium application, it seems that it is difficult to remove or uninstall in the usual way. Even if it is successfully removed, it will usually reappear because it was not deleted completely.

The latest way to remove chromium on a computer is to use the help of the uninstaller application. After the uninstaller application is open we only need to select the application and press the uninstall menu, then we only need to delete registry files and residual files from Chromium.

With this application's help, we can easily delete Chromium applications like uninstalling process as usual, but of course with a few additional steps so that the application is completely deleted and does not interfere anymore.

How To Remove Chromium Until It's Permanently Clean

  1. Please open the Revo Uninstaller download page, or open the following link: https://www.revouninstaller.com/revo-uninstaller-free-download/
  2. Please select/download the freeware version of Revo Uninstaller (free). I suggest choosing the Portable version so that it is not complicated to install because we will only use it once and after the process is complete you can delete this Revo file (if it is no longer needed).How To Remove Chromium Until It's Permanently Clean
  3. Please extract the downloaded file above
  4. In the extracted folder, please open or run (double-click) the file with the .exe extension (RevoUPort.exe)
  5. In the Revo Uninstaller application, please find and select Chromium in the list of applications that appears
  6. If Chromium has been selected, please click the Uninstall button in the main menu of the application (located at the top of the screen)
  7. If successful, a popup will appear with the question "Are you sure that you want to uninstall the selected program?" Please click the button > Continue
  8. Wait a few moments until the scanning modes appear, make sure the scanning mode is in the "Moderate" option, then click the button > Scan. Wait until the list of registry items appears.
  9. In the list of registry items, please select or check the top box (My Computer). Then click the button > Delete. A confirmation popup will appear, please click the button > Yes. This is so that all things related to Chromium are removed from the PC that we use. If successful, the display will move to the leftover files and folders page.How To Remove Chromium Until It's Permanently Clean
  10. On the leftover files and folders page, please click the button > Select All. Then click the button > Delete. A confirmation popup will appear again, please click the button > Yes. The goal is the same as the previous step so that all remaining files related to Chromium are permanently deleted.

Done. Please check or search for the Chromium application again from the Revo uninstaller application or directly from the application list on the computer. If successful, any applications or data related to chromium will not be found or will be completely deleted.

Chromium uninstall process can't be completed?

In some processes you may not be able to complete the uninstall or removal of chromium, this is due to several factors. For the solution, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Turn off the internet connection
  2. Please open the Task Manager page (Ctrl + Shift + Esc)
  3. Look for the Chromium app in the Background process section
  4. In the Chromium application, please right-click and then select > End task. Make sure no more processes are running from the Chromium app
  5. Please repeat the uninstall steps above.

After uninstalling, the Chromium app shows up again?

If after deleting the Chromium application appears again, this indicates that this application has spread to other places or applications. Usually hides in applications that are not related to chromium.

To diagnose or find out whether the Chromium application still exists or not, please follow these steps.

  1. Open Windows Explorer (Windows + E)
  2. Open Local Disk C storage
  3. In the search field (right-top) please type "Chromium" and then click enter. The process of searching for files that have the name Chromium will start, the process is quite long (depending on the number of files on local disk C).
  4. If the search process is complete, please look in the search results, is there a file or folder called Chromium, if there is, please right-click and then select > Open file locations
  5. If the file location is already open, please delete all files related to Chromium
  6. Do the same for Local Disk D.

If this method still doesn't work, it means that your computer has been infected with an acute chromium virus. If this happens, I suggest you to check all the applications installed on the computer, if there are applications that are illegal or unofficial I suggest that you delete them immediately.

Why does the Chromium application suddenly install itself on the computer?

Actually, it doesn't suddenly install itself, but this application is usually included or embedded in other applications that we install consciously. Generally, Chromium is found in third-party applications that are very easy to plant viruses or malware such as Chromium.

So Chromium doesn't necessarily just come to our computers, but Chromium comes with applications or programs that we download from the internet then when we install the application, chromium will also be installed. If already installed, usually this chromium application is difficult to remove or uninstall.

So, if after you have succeeded in removing the chromium application in the following way, it does not mean that your computer will be immune to Chromium, yes. If you still continue to download and install programs or applications that are not 100% safe, then most likely this Chromium application will also be installed again.

Is Chromium dangerous for computers?

Basically, Chromium is a browser application like Google Chrome, so there is really no harm. But the problem is that the Chromium browser is open source, so it can be used by hackers or other fraudsters by injecting malicious programs or the like into the application.

So storing or using Chromium on computers today is still quite risky, not because of the application, but because of the nature of the open-source application that can be modified into dangerous applications by irresponsible parties.

The current existence of Chromium is still a nuisance, sometimes they make the application the "default browser" or sometimes they can also change Google Chrome by force. When we open Google Chrome, Chrome opens instead. Very annoying.

The Chromium Intruder App will come back again if...

Although the title of this tutorial is written in permanent words, it does not mean that this method will be an anti-virus or a fortress until then. This method can only be used if the chromium application is already installed. So it can't be prevented.

As I mentioned earlier, this Chromium application comes with third-party applications (which are not 100% secure) that you download from the internet. So if you still often download/install "foreign" applications that are not safe, then the chromium application will most likely still appear.

But at least now you know how to remove chromium thoroughly. So that it's not difficult to find this tutorial again, I suggest you to bookmark (ctrl+D) this page so that it appears automatically when you type the words in the title of this article.

Hopefully, this article on the latest way to remove chromium until it's permanently clean is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Keep being a wise user!

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