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What is YouTube Handle and How to Change It?
What is YouTube Handle and How to Change It?

Recently YouTube introduced a new feature called Handle, then what is YouTube Handle, and how to change it?. Simply put, YouTube Handle is like a username in a social media application. Can be used to mention or tag YouTube channels.

YouTube handles are very similar to usernames on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Later, users can mention or tag the youtube channel with the address of any youtube channel handle.

Use of the Handle feature on YouTube

  • Can be used in video shorts
  • The handle address of each channel is unique (cannot be imitated)
  • Can be used to mention / tag channels in videos/comments
  • Make it easy for people to find our channel
  • Easier to share

The YouTube handle was introduced so that users could easily find a YouTube channel just by using the handle. Like the username, this handle is unique and cannot be used by other YouTube channels.

As we know, YouTube channel names cannot be excluded. So if we create a new channel and name the channel after an existing channel, even a well-known one can do it. Although it can be reported by the owner of the original name, even then it must be with a clear reason.

With the handle, other accounts cannot use the same handle name that we have chosen.

Previously, YouTube also introduced the Super Chat, Super Thanks, and Super Sticker features. For more explanation and how to activate those features, you can read the full material in the article below.

I'm just a viewer and don't have a youtube channel, can I get the handle feature?

Yes, you can. In his presentation, YouTube ensures that all accounts, whether they have channels or are just regular viewers, will all get their own handle names.

Initially, YouTube limited this feature to channels with at least 100 subscribers. But finally, the regulation was repealed so that now all accounts will be able to choose their own handle name.

This feature will be implemented gradually, so just wait.

Later this handle feature can also be used when you create a status on YouTube, for a more detailed explanation about status updates on YouTube, you can read the article below.

What is the difference between the Handle and channel URL on YouTube?

Basically the same, both are set so that each channel has a unique link/URL so as not to be confused with similar channel names - look alike or clones. However, the handle has another function, which is that it can be used to mention and tag other users in the comments, video titles, etc.

Generally, if you already have a custom channel URL, that custom URL will be set as the address of your handle. However, if you want to use a different handle address, it can be changed in the settings, provided that the handle address is not used by another channel.

For example, below is the channel name, custom URL address, and handle address of the Rindi Tech channel on Youtube.

  • Channel name: Rindi Tech
  • Custom URL: youtube.com/rinditech
  • Handle: @rinditech (youtube.com/@rinditech)

The custom URL and handle data above have a slight difference (there is an "@" sign), but if we enter the two addresses in the address bar in the browser, it will immediately open the same youtube channel, namely the Rindi Tech YouTube channel.

If we do a search for "Rindi Tech" in the YouTube search column, it could be that the first one that appears is not the Rindi Tech youtube channel that we mean, what appears could be another youtube channel that has the same or similar name. With the handle address, the user is sure to open the correct youtube channel.

How to change the name of the YouTube Handle

  1. Make sure you are logged into the YouTube account you want to change
  2. Go to the YouTube Studio page
  3. On the sidebar menu, please select Customize
  4. In the Customization sub-menu, please open the Basic info menu
  5. If it is available, you will see a column named "Handle". Please enter the name of the handle you want in the column. Make sure the name of the handle is still available and selectable.What is YouTube Handle and How to Change It?
  6. If you are sure of the name of your handle, please save the settings by pressing the Publish button.

If it has been saved, you can immediately test it by writing the address "youtube.com/@Your_handle_name" (example: youtube.com/@rinditech) in the address bar of the browser as usual. If successful, your YouTube channel page will immediately open.

If you want to start live streaming activities on YouTube but your computer specifications are
inadequate, you can try using the default application from Nvidia which is relatively lighter than streaming applications in general. Please read the full explanation in the article below.

Handle column not showing in YouTube settings?

If the handle settings column does not appear, it means that your channel is still in the queue process. YouTube said that the process of granting access to the handle settings column was carried out in stages and is expected to be completed in the next few weeks.

Later all youtube channels will have this handle option. So if you don't have it yet, just wait. In the end, all youtube channels or accounts will have this handle setting on the youtube studio page.

In my experience on Rindi Tech's youtube channel, I got an email notification from YouTube explaining that my youtube channel can already use the handle name and can be changed directly from the YouTube Studio page.

What if I forget to set the handle name?

It's possible that we forget or even don't realize this new feature, what if we don't set the name of the youtube channel handle for a long time?

In general, youtube will prepare the handle name automatically, generally, the handle name will match or be identical to the custom URL name or the name of the youtube channel that we use.

If you are too busy to manage your youtube channel, you can also use the automatic schedule feature on YouTube. For a full explanation, please read the article below.

What if the name of the handle we want cannot be selected?

Keep in mind, the maximum character when choosing a youtube handle name is 30 characters and the selection of a username handle must also follow Youtube's Community Guidelines.

If the handle name is already used by another youtube channel, then we cannot use the same handle name. Consequently, we can only choose the name of the available handle.

Just like choosing a username, if the name of the handle that we want is already used by someone else, then we can make slight modifications such as adding numbers or adding other letters that have not been used by other users.

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