What is YouTube Super Chat and Super Thanks? How to Activate

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What is YouTube Super Chat and Super Thanks? How to Activate
What is YouTube Super Chat and Super Thanks? How to Activate

YouTube has released a new feature so that content creators can get an additional source of income, the feature is called YouTube Super Chat. In short, this feature is the same as a gift or donation directly to the channel owner (YouTuber). Then how can we activate this feature?

This Super Chat feature brings 2 other features, so there are 3 features that can be used right now on YouTube related to donations or giving gifts directly to YouTubers.

  • Super Chat
  • Super Thanks
  • Super Stickers

Features like this are actually not new, the live-streaming site Twitch has implemented this donation concept for a long time, as well as TikTok and other video-sharing applications. It's just that they use different terms and the most common is using the term "gift".

In addition to Super Thanks, YouTube also introduced a new feature called YouTube Handle, for a full discussion, please read the article below.

What is the difference between a gift and a super chat on YouTube?

If you are a person who often watches live shows or live-streaming on various applications such as Twitch, Bigo, Nimo TV, Nonolive, Facebook Gaming, etc., you are certainly no stranger to the term "gift" or gifts.

The difference is, gifts use unique units such as coins, diamonds, flowers, lions, whales, etc., and each gift has a different value. Unlike the term gift, Super chat on YouTube directly uses units of money such as dollars or rupiah (according to the currency of each country).

Example of a gift transaction

For example, you want to send me a donation while I'm live streaming on TikTok. First, you have to top-up your TikTok coin. Then you can use the TikTok coins to buy gifts to give to me during live streaming. Along with that, you can also add messages that can later be read by me while I'm live streaming.

Later, TikTok turned back the gift into cash and sent it to my TikTok account. Of course, after deducting the cost of profit sharing between TikTok and me as a gift recipient.

Example of super chat transaction

For example, you want to give a donation while I'm live streaming. You just need to press the Super Chat button in the live chat area then you can choose the amount of money you want to give me. Then you can add words or messages along with the provision of the donation.

If you have selected a nominal and written a message, then you will be asked to pay according to the selected amount of money (not including tax) to YouTube. Payment is successful, YouTube will forward the money you sent to my youtube account (After deducting the profit sharing with YouTube of course).

So, what's the difference?

When viewed from the example of the transaction giving gifts and super chat above, the super chat transaction process is shorter than the transaction giving gifts. To give a gift you have to top up first, while with super chat you can directly transact with nominal money.

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What are Super Chat, Super Thanks, and Super Sticker on YouTube?

Super Chat on YouTube is a feature provided by YouTube so that viewers can donate directly to YouTubers while they are live streaming. The nominal donation that can be selected (currently) is a minimum of IDR 20,000, - up to a maximum of IDR 500,000

Super Thanks on YouTube is a feature that allows viewers to make donations in on-demand videos (not live videos). The nominal donation that can be given is the same as YouTube Super Chat, starting from twenty thousand rupiahs to five hundred thousand rupiahs.

Super Sticker on YouTube is a feature where we can choose a special sticker and use it in live chat when our favorite YouTuber is doing live. These stickers have different prices. Later, the income from the sale of these stickers will be given to channel owners as well as super chat funds.

Is there a revenue share for YouTube from every Super Chat donation?

There is. Every donation sent either via super chat, super thanks, and the super sticker will be deducted from the profit sharing by YouTube as much as 30% (thirty percent). This means that we as channel owners will receive as much as 70% (seventy percent) of the total donations received from Super Chat.

Even though the 30 percent cut looks big, this profit-sharing figure is still 'better than other streaming media. For example, on Twitch, now streamers only get a 50/50 share for every sub or donation they make. Only the big streamers still get a 70/30 share (70% for streamers and 30% for Twitch).

Requirements to activate the Super Chat feature

Before going to how to activate the Super Chat feature on YouTube, you should know what are the conditions so that our channel can get access to this super chat feature. Here are the 3 main requirements from YouTube so that we can activate the Super Chat feature

  • Your channel has been monetized
  • Age over 18 years
  • Being in a location/country that has been listed

As written above, if your channel does not meet the monetization requirements (Adsense), this feature will not be available. So please focus first on activating the monetization feature on your YouTube channel.

YouTube channel monetization terms

  • Your channel should always follow the monetization rules on YouTube
  • Channel never gets a stern warning from YouTube (Community Guidelines strikes)
  • Has more than 4000 valid watch hours in the last 12 months
  • Have more than 1000 subscribers
  • Have an Adsense account that is connected to a YouTube channel

How to Enable Super Chat feature on YouTube?

Make sure you have received an email from YouTube notifying you that your YouTube channel is eligible to activate the Super Chat or Super Thanks feature. In the email, please click the button with the words ENABLE NOW or follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your YouTube Channel account as usual
  2. Go to the YouTube Studio page. Continue to open the Monetization menu.
  3. In the Monetization sub-menu, please open the Supers menu. Then click the GET STARTED button. The agreement pop-up page will appear.
  4. Please fill in the Full Name, Email Address, and Company Name fields. If your channel is privately owned (not a company) please write "N/A" in the company name column.
  5. Please check the section indicating that you have agreed to all the terms written above. Next, please click the ACCEPT button. Wait a few moments until the Supers page is active.
  6. If the Supers page is open, please activate the Super Chat, Super Sticker, and Super Thanks buttons. Done.What is YouTube Super Chat and Super Thanks? How to Activate

If all the processes are successful, you can immediately check it in all the videos you have made, you will see new features/buttons in the videos you have made with the words "Thanks" or "Thank you".

How to view Super Chat reports or transactions

Viewers who donate through super thanks or super chat will be seen in the comments column with a color background. So it will stand out from the other comments.

Even if you miss it, you can still see reports of anyone who has sent donations via super thanks. All transactions or donations made by viewers via super chat, super thanks, or super stickers can be seen on the Supers page in the monetization menu on the YouTube Studio page.

Can the Super Thanks chat be deleted? Will the money be returned?

Can. Even though the chat status is 'special' (because you have donated), the chat can still be deleted either by the comment owner (chat) or the channel owner.

It could be that the person who made the donation wrote inappropriate words or provided false information. Therefore, we as channel/video owners still have the right to delete these comments (super thanks) even though they have donated.

What about the money that has been donated? In the information provided by YouTube, donations or orders that have been given will remain the property of the recipient (channel owner) even if the super thanks chat sent is deleted. So it's safe.

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