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Free Download Mandalika Circuit for Assetto Corsa
Free Download Mandalika Circuit for Assetto Corsa

Now Indonesia has a new proud circuit, the Mandalika Circuit. This pride also extends to the world of racing simulators, one of which comes from Liano Projects which makes and distributes the Mandalika circuit tracks for Assetto Corsa for free.

To be able to taste the beauty of the Mandalika circuit in the Assetto Corsa game, we only need to download the Mandalika Street Circuit file on the Race Department website. After the file has been downloaded, we only need to install the circuit file in the Assetto Corsa game, it is recommended to use the Content Manager.

It is highly recommended to use Content Manager

If you are new to the Assetto Corsa game, I recommend using the Content Manager application for Assetto Corsa immediately. With this application, it will be easier for you to manage all the content in the game.

If the CM (Content Manager) application is installed, then you no longer need to open the Assetto Corsa application if you want to play games. You only need to open the CM application and can immediately select a car, select a track, select a race type, and can immediately start racing without having to enter the game intro stage.

Please download and install the Content Manager application from the following website page: https://assettocorsa.club/content-manager.html

To expedite and make it easier to use this CM application in the future, please also see this tutorial about Content Manager on YouTube or on other websites.

Download the Mandalika Circuit for Assetto Corsa

Liano Projects, as the developer of this track, said that there is only one source for content or files for this Mandalika circuit, namely only the Race Department. For a complete tutorial on how to install the Mandalika circuit in the Assetto Corsa game, please follow the steps below.

  • Download the Mandalika Street Circuit file from this Race Department website: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mandalika.53657/
  • Open the Content Manager application (if you don't have the Content Manager application, please install it first, the method has been mentioned at the beginning of the discussion)
  • Drag and drop or drag the circuit file to the main Content Manager page. Or click the Menu button (icon with 3 lines) then select "Install from a file". Find and select the circuit file you want to install then click the "Open" button.
  • Click the Menu button (the 3-line icon) and look towards the bottom of the menu under the "Downloads" sub. If the steps are correct, the name of the circuit file that we want to install will appear. Next, please click the "Install" button. Wait until the installation process is complete and the "Successfully installed" notification appears.
  • Please look for the Mandalika circuit in the list of existing circuits. If it can be selected, it means that the installation process was successful and you can try it immediately (test drive).

Weird and broken track shape?

If when you open this track the display is not clear or there are lots of errors, make sure you are already using CSP (Custom Shaders Patch) with the latest version in Content Manager.

Generally, circuits or files created by third parties or outside of Kunos (the owner of Assetto Corsa) must use CSP so that the files can be opened and run in the Assetto Corsa game. Please download and install CSP on Assetto Corsa.

To see the settings, please open the "Settings" section and open the "Custom Shaders Patch" settings. There you can choose the version to install. I'm currently using CSP version 0.1.78 and can open Mandalika circuit files stably on Assetto Corsa.

Best Mandalika Circuit on Assetto Corsa

In my personal opinion, after experiencing races on several Mandalika circuits, the Mandalika track made by Liano Projects is the best track in my opinion. After trying several of the same developers to make the Mandalika circuit track, this circuit made by Liano Projects is the best so far.

The changes in elevation are very pronounced and what is most visible is the detailed part of the circuit, starting from the run-off design, even the new building built on a hill already exists in this latest version of the Mandalika circuit.

Hopefully, this article about the Mandalika Circuit for Assetto Corsa is useful. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Remain a wise user. Thank you.

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