How to Activate Voice Navigation in Euro Truck Simulator 2

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How to Activate Voice Navigation in Euro Truck Simulator 2
12B2 How to Activate Voice Navigation in Euro Truck Simulator 2

The following is how to use or activate voice navigation in Euro Truck Simulator 2. With this tutorial, we can use voice features on maps or road guides. Like using a Google Map, we will get directions via audio to reach our destination in the ETS2 game.

How to use or activate the voice navigation feature on ETS2 is very easy. We only need to activate this feature via the settings page, to be precise, the audio section. Inside the settings page, there are voice navigation settings and if it has been activated it will automatically guide us in the form of voice/audio.

Now you no longer need to install additional mods or plugins because this feature is already available in the game. If you don't find this setting, please check the version of the ETS 2 game you are using, make sure you are using the latest version of the game. In this example, I use the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.46.

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How to Activate Voice Navigation in ETS2

  1. Open the ETS2 game as usual
  2. Click the Esc key to open the main menu
  3. Select the Options menu
  4. Next open the Audio menu
  5. On the Audio menu, please look for Voice Navigation volume settings. Please swipe right to increase the volume of voice navigation. If later it feels too tight can be reduced by sliding to the left. For starters, I suggest sliding all the way to the right.
  6. Next, please scroll down again and look for VOICE NAVIGATION settings.
  7. In the voice navigation settings, please activate or check the "Enable Voice Navigation" box.
  8. Next, please select the type of voice and language in the Language and voice settings. You can choose English or another country language that you can understand. To hear an example of the sound, please click on the "Preview" button.
  9. In the Speed Warning setting, if you want to get a speed limit warning with voice mode (by default the warning uses an alarm sound), please select "Voice".
  10. Done. the Voice Navigations feature will automatically activate when we are delivering goods or when we enter a destination on the map.

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Voice Navigation Volume menu missing?

If there is no volume setting for voice navigation, please scroll down to make sure the voice navigation menu is active or ticked. If it has been activated, please return to the voice navigation volume settings.

If the voice navigation menu is also missing, please check your Euro Truck Simulator 2 game version again. Make sure you are using the latest ETS2 game version, or at least like the version I'm using, Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.46

Test Voice Navigation Settings

If you are not on a delivery mission, to test whether voice navigation is working or not, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open the map page (M key on the keyboard)
  2. Please click on a place/destination location on the map until a navigation path appears (red line).
  3. Exit map page (M key on the keyboard)
  4. Done. If successful, an audio/sound "Let's go..." will appear which indicates that the voice navigation feature is active and ready to guide the journey to the destination point.

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Can't update the game yet?

If you haven't been able to update the ETS2 game to the latest version and really want to use this voice navigation feature, please use the voice navigation mod. There are lots of tutorials or mods about voice navigation, just google it or search YouTube for how to use the Voice navigation mod in the ETS 2 game.

If you use a mod, of course, you have to take a few extra steps, such as installing the mod, installing the mod in the game, etc. But it won't be a page if you really want to experience voice navigation features like this.

Hopefully, this tutorial on how to activate or use voice navigation in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 is useful. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Remain a wise user.

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