How to Teleport or Move Places in Euro Truck Simulator 2

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How to Teleport or Move Places in Euro Truck Simulator 2
How to Teleport or Move Places in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Here's how to teleport or move places in the ETS2 game or Euro Truck Simulator 2. With this tutorial, you can quickly move places between cities or between countries with just a few steps. Please follow the steps below.

There are two ways to teleport or move places in ETS2, the first way is to use the Quick Travel feature on the menu page. The second way is to use the developer mode feature by entering the "goto" command then entering the name of the city on the map, and finally selecting a location to start the journey.

If using Quick Travel, the drawback is that we need to prepare teleportation costs, the price varies depending on the distance between the desired locations. If using the developer mode feature the drawback is that we need to find our own place to park the truck.

How to Teleport or Move Places in ETS2

There are 2 ways that I will show you, please use the one that you are most comfortable using, both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual.

Method 1 Using the Quick Travel Feature

  1. We assume you are driving a truck in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  2. Click the Esc key to open the menu page
  3. Select the Quick Travel menu. The system will open a map page
  4. On the map, please select or click on a city you want to visit
  5. If the destination city has been selected, please click the Confirm Quick Travel button
  6. The system will display the teleportation price, click OK to confirm
  7. Done. Wait for loading to finish and you will immediately be in the destination city. Generally, it will be placed in one of the available parking lots in the city.

Method 2 Using the Developer Mode Feature

  1. Click the Tilde key (~) (the key located at the end next to the number 1 on the keyboard, below the Esc key)
  2. If successful the ETS2 developer mode command box will appear (if it doesn't appear, please activate developer mode first, the method is below)
  3. Please type "goto" space "city name", for example like this: "goto London"
  4. Next, click the Enter button. Wait a moment until the system takes you to the destination city
  5. After arriving at the destination city, please click the Tilde button (~) again to remove the developer mode command box.
  6. Navigate the camera with the special number keys (Numpad) on the full-size keyboard. 8 = forward, 5 = backward, 4 = left, 6 = right. And use the mouse to navigate the axis.
  7. Find an empty road and position the camera slightly above the road so that the truck doesn't fall flying when it is deployed.
  8. Click Ctrl + F9 button to deploy the truck.

Enable the Developer Mode Feature in Euro Truck Simulator 2

If when pressing the tilde key (~) the system does not issue a developer mode command box, please follow the tutorial below to activate the developer mode feature in the ETS2 game.

  1. If it is being played, please stop or close the ETS2 game
  2. Open windows explorer (Win+E)
  3. Open the "Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2" folder
  4. Find and open the file named "config.cfg" with notepad
  5. In the config file, please look for the words uset g_developer "0" and then change the zeros to one, so it's like this: uset g_developer "1"
  6. Then look for the text called uset g_console "0" then change the zero to number one, so it's like this: uset g_console "1" 

    How to Teleport or Move Places in Euro Truck Simulator 2

  7. Save changes by clicking Ctrl + S then Close the file.
  8. Done. Please restart the game and try again by pressing the tilde key (~) to open the developer mode command box and continue the tutorial above for teleportation.

No number pad (Numpad) on the keyboard?

Some keyboards don't have Numpad keys, for example like the keyboard on a laptop, rarely do you use a full-size keyboard, so you can only navigate with the mouse but can't go back and forth to reach the ground/road. For the solution, please just click the Ctrl + F9 button to deploy the truck from the "sky".

Indeed, the truck will be damaged if it falls from above, but it can be tricked by being towed directly to the service area and repaired. More time-consuming but at least we don't have to drive between cities.

If you often play the ETS 2 game, I recommend buying the Numpad extension keyboard, which is cheap, under fifty thousand, the important thing is that the buttons can be used for navigation after teleportation to the destination location.

Can you use the teleportation feature while on a mission?

Can. But you have to teleport using the developer mode feature. The Quick Travel feature in Euro Truck Simulator 2 cannot be used when we are on a mission or delivering goods. If using Quick Travel, the system will refuse to move unless the active mission is canceled (aborted) first.

This feature of moving places is very useful especially if we are on a long trip mission between countries. We can pass through long toll roads and continue our journey from the end of the toll road or after exiting the toll road.

The drawback of this method is that every road that we do not pass by driving will still be counted as untouched, marked with a road color that remains gray. The path we have traveled will generally change color to yellow.

Unlock access to all showrooms and garages on the map

By moving places we can also open access to showrooms or dealers and garages that have never been passed. We can move to a city where the dealer's location has never been before.

You only need to teleport to the front of the desired car showroom and place the truck near the showroom building. If successful, the system will show a notification that we have discovered the location of the dealer or showroom.

And if we want to buy another truck from the dealer/showroom later we only need to visit via the profile page. Even with garages and agency drivers, we can go to these locations without having to drive far.

We hope this article on how to teleport or move places in Euro Truck Simulator 2 is useful. If you have questions about this tutorial or about ETS2, please save them in the comments column below. Keep being a wise user!

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