Toto Wolf Disagree With Anti-Red Bull Tweaks, What Is It?

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Toto Wolf Disagree With Anti-Red Bull Tweaks, What Is It?
Toto Wolf Tidak Setuju dengan Anti-Red Bull Tweaks, Apa itu?

Toto Wolf Disagree of anti-Red Bull tweaks (changing rules to limit Red Bull's performance by being too far ahead). Toto believes that if F1 does this it will only create an unnatural balance in Formula 1 and even Toto believes it will ruin F1.

Instead of limiting Red Bull's performance, Toto asked other teams to find smart solutions and catch up with Red Bull's performance rather than changing the rules. If you do that (change the rules) Toto believes it will actually damage F1.

What are Anti-Red Bull Tweaks?

Currently, the Red Bull Racing team looks very dominating in almost every race, won 1st place in every race until the Monaco GP series, and looks like it will continue to dominate until the end of the season. In the previous year, Red Bull also showed dominance by bringing the number one racer title and constructors championship.

It's a shame that other teams don't have the advantages of Red Bull which in the end makes the race look less exciting because the Red Bull team is often too comfortable leading the race while the others are far behind.

Under these conditions, there is a suggestion to make changes to the regulations so that the owner of the fastest car cannot use the maximum potential of the car he owns so that the race distance with the car behind him is not too far. These proposals are termed anti-Red Bull tweaks because it is Red Bull that is most affected by these regulatory changes.

Toto Wolf doesn't agree with the idea of changing the rules. Why?

As explained above, Toto did not agree with the idea of changing the rules because it would damage F1's reputation. F1 is famous for its car and racer competition. In addition to racers competing on the track, experts also compete to create the best car according to predetermined regulations.

If this rule change is implemented, it will limit the performance of Red Bull cars, which are already fast from the beginning. Limiting the ability of a car is tantamount to withholding innovation in the car, including limiting innovation from the engineers who make the car.

Formula 1 is known as an innovation race and a technology war between teams, if the ability of a car is limited then the characteristics of F1 will disappear and this is what Toto Wolf is afraid of.

Toto wants other teams to chase Red Bull, not hold it back

Instead of making Red Bull slower, Toto encouraged other teams to innovate again to catch up with Red Bull. Toto also reminded us that Red Bull's current achievements are the result of their hard work in making the fastest racing cars and having the fastest racers.

With this combination, Toto highly praised the achievements of the Red Bull team.

“The best driver in the best car, spending the same amount of money wins the championship, and if you break the rules in either you should be heavily penalized, but only for that, and not for doing a good job.” - Toto Wolf

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