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How to Safely Eject /Remove Flashdisk OTG on Android (Xiaomi) Phone

Here is how to eject / remove safely Flashdisk OTG (On the Go) or media that connected to your Android Smartphone. In PC or computer usually appears the words "removed safely" if the flash disk is connected can be removed from the port. Then how to eject the FD with the correct method from the smartphone?

The existing technology in the smartphone more diverse, ranging from software to hardware support that sometimes like a bit ‘too much'. The existing technology in a smartphone will be overstated if its users do not take advantage of the technology with maximum, or even worse is many smartphone owner who still do not know what their smartphone can do.

One of the new features or technologies that look very functional in the smartphone is the feature to connect with external storage devices such as connecting flash disk directly to HP, it is really help when we need to copy or transfer some files between our external storage to our smartphone, without using computer.

Now, just by using OTG USB converter we can connect flashdik with smartphone. In fact there are some type of flash disk that has 2 pieces of port, 1 USB port commonly used to connect to a computer or laptop, and another Micro USB port that can be directly connected to the micro USB port on the smartphone (which is used to charge the battery).

How to Easily Record your Desktop Screen with its Audio!

Here is an easy way to record all the movements on your computer screen or notebook along with its audio from the microphone or can also audio from the media that you play on the computer. In this tutorial we will also learn the complete step to record it until we get the video file ready to be sent or played.

Actually there are many ways to produce a video that contains a recording of the movement of our desktop screen, start  by using a media player like VLC and then added using a built-in audio recorder and maybe use other tools. According to our internal team that’s require more recourses also more time consuming. Then what method we will use on this tutorial?

In this tutorial we will use software that have specialization on recording all the movement that appear on our laptop screen. From tutorial makers to gamers who always appear on Youtube also use software like this, even they are using different brand but the type of software will always have the same features and functions.

This method requires an application called Bandicam, as we talked above this is not the only application that can record screen with audio, but just by chance we tried this software first and did not rule out any other similar applications (yet) or maybe better. But for now we will focus on bandicam.

How to Easily Record your Desktop Screen with its Audio!

3 Recording Mode

In this application there are 3 types or recording modes that can be selected, namely Game Recording mode, Screen recording, and HDMI recording.

Screen Recording

On screen recording we can record all the activities that appear on our desktop screen or PC, from doing making tutorials or recording video that being played. We can set the size of the screen to be recorded and also set it as fullscreen. In addition we can also make the addition of marking, writing on the screen live.

Game recording

In this game recording mode we can record the display of game that being played, then we can also add a webcam video as we always see in the gamers youtube video, at the time of recording we can also talk or comment through microphone that installed on headset or connected to the computer.

HDMI recording

HDMI recording mode allows us to record the display outside of the screen of our computer or laptop, this mode video recording or display connected to the HDMI port on the computer or laptop. with this mode means we can connect the camera to record and the recording will be directly stored on the computer or laptop connected.

How to Easily Record your Desktop Screen with its Audio!

How to Easily Record Computer Screen with Audio

Before get to the tutorial to be able to record our computer screen, you guys can get this Bandicam application through Google Search or other search engines. Or you can also directly visit the official website of Bandicam (link will be mentioned in the below paragraph)

In the method below we will provide a tutorial to record on screen recording mode, for other modes you guys can do your own explorations.

  1. Open Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.)
  2. Download the Bandicam installation file here >>
  3. Install Downloaded files (Right click> Open / Run as administrator then follow the instructions that appear until it installed perfectly)
  4. Open app that installed
  5. Select mode to be used (Game recording, Screen recording, or HDMI recording)
  6. Set the screen to be recorded
  7. Click the Record button
  8. Click again Record button to stop recording
  9. Check Recorded Results on output folder. Done!

After we hit the stop button or finished recording then the video file will be directly stored in the output file (default folder: >Documents >Bandicam). The storage process does not take a long time and there is not even any saving or rendering process as we commonly encountered in video editing applications.

In the recording process we can stop the recording for a while (Pause) if it feels the process is being waited too long as if, for example, we were showing how to download the file, because the download process takes more than 5 minutes then we can click the PAUSE button and continue record right before the download time is end, or even after completion (downloaded).

How to Easily Record your Desktop Screen with its Audio!

The above tutorial is just a main tutorial in recording activities that appear on our computer screen, the rest of features you can do on your own exploration because many of the features provided in this application such as marking when doing recording or providing notes or add lines like presentation.

Is This Free License Bandicam wort it?

Bandicam developers provide both versions, free and paid. According to the experience of ri-techno team there is no difference in terms of features, which differ is from time or duration to record, for free license version (free) is limited only 10 minutes every single record while for paid version we can record more than 24 hours.

in addition to the free version of the video will be given a watermark bandicam while for the paid will not be given a watermark and can even use your personal logo as a watermark on video.

If you need it only for personal purpose or simple projects, the free license version is sufficient we believe, because the features provided as same as paid version features.

Is there a problem?

If you guys encounter some error or there is something to be discussed about how to record the movement of computer screen with the audio you can put the question in the comment field below as usual. we will help to answer.

Hopefully this article can help you guys especially who are looking for tutorial on how to record the following computer screen with audio. Stay wise! #beWiseUser!

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Telegram applications offer very strict user data security (privacy), and maybe that's one of the reasons why this app was blocked by Indonesian government temporary. Apart from that, this application is similar to other chat applications like whatsApp or BBM app on PlayStore, which can send messages, pictures, videos, files and also create groups.

Used by community, activists and public figure. Secretly, this telegram application is used by various person, especially to create a group chat. Actually, one of the advantages of Telegram is the capacity of group (members) is very large, up to 20,000 members for one group! Very promising for business or activity with quantity orientation.

Telegram uses a cloud computing system which means that all data sent and received is not stored on the user's smartphone (memory) locally, but is stored on their (telegram) server, this allows us to move around the gadget without afraid of missing files or posts (which you get on previous gadgets).

How to Easily Open LINE App on PC /Desktop

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In this article there will be 2 ways or method to open Line application or Line account on computer, the first one is by installing Line software and the other way is by using browser which mean you don’t have to download and install it by yourself.

Line App or is now one of the most widely used applications to chat or communicate online, especially for Smartphone users in Asia. The toughest rival now is WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and Blackberry Messenger (BBM). In addition to the applications that have been mentioned seems to have no more applications that can be said as rival to LINE App, Especially in Asia.

This Application is originally come from the land of jinsom, South Korea, and LINE is known as the application that rich of stickers to be used in communicating with your contact in the app. Even better, in some countries they use famous people photo or animation that is applied to be a sticker that can be sent between users on LINE App.

Review Xiaomi Notebook Mi Air 13 Full Specification

Here are the review and also specifications of Xiaomi Notebook Mi Air 13 with Kaby Lake processor. New Notebook from Xiaomi with 7th generation processor from Intel (Core i5), with Graphics Nvidia MX150 and also fingerprint scanner. How much the price of this Xiaomi Notebook? How about it spesification? Is it good in design? And how about performance?

Xiaomi is currently more famous for its Smartphone products that have medium-high spec but with prices that still accepted when compared with other brands in the same level. Starting from the Mi series to Redmi with a variety of price options which is certainly very tempting their prospective buyers who are looking for some alternative choice of mid-end Smartphone.

It turned out that in addition to Xiaomi smartphone also has other products that seem no less sensational like its Smartphone product. Starting from Xiaomi Smart TV , wearable gear like Mi Band to Notebook that also targeting the user who are looking for quality and high specification but still with a price that does not dig the wallet too deep.

Xiaomi Mi Air 13 Kaby Lake is the latest Notebook that released by Xiaomi and as usual, it’s very tempting, if you look at a glance from the physical design of this laptop it seems that premium specification inside with class.

Review Xiaomi Notebook Mi Air 13 Full Specification
Tech Advisor

Design and Material Xiaomi Notebook Mi Air 13

With a thickness of only 14.7mm and weighs only 1.28kg. This notebook is really a good companion to travel with or mobile especially with SSD type of storage, is very resistant in shocks or shake when you travel.

In design, Notebook Xiaomi Mi Air 13 is not much different from its elder that has been released earlier, Mi Air 12 at the beginning of 2017, wrapped in silver color on almost all parts, this notebook looks so solid and compact, with simple design gives an elegant impression at the first sight.

On the screen, Xiaomi (Mi) logo is embedded in the middle-bottom area, this logo is still relatively small and simple if compared with the size of the logo in some other production notebook type such as ASUS or Acer.

In the design section it seems that this Xiaomi is often called resembling the concept of Apple notebook design (Mac Book). Regardless of imitating the design of Apple notebook or not, it seems that Xiaomi also didn’t want to ignore the physical appearance.

Fingerprint, Mousepad & Keyboard Notebook Mi Air 13

In the Mouse pad or Touchpad looks so clean and spacious but there is an additional fingerprint scanner on the right-top of the surface, the size is similar like a home button (like the one on) Smartphone.

Xiaomi designers put the fingerprint scanner right inside the mousepad area, on other brands they usually placed outside the mousepad area or the closest is between the left and right click button.

This fingerprint feature allow us to login automatically, so no need to type password on every login.

Review Xiaomi Notebook Mi Air 13 Full SpecificationKeyboard section also show a minimalist style with top-down arrow buttons made in small design as in some notebooks that have a mini screen, which is a normal button that is divided into two.

On the keyboard also comes with backlight or backlight which generally serves to help users in low light conditions to avoid mistype, using the backlight all the buttons will remain visible so as to reduce the typos.

Based on monitoring team, the color of the backlight is not too colorful as on the gaming keyboard, Xiaomi gives only 1 color and the color is white.

Display & Screen Resolution Xiaomi Mi Air 13

With 13.3 Inch wide screen size and Full HD resolution (1080x1920), this notebook come with excellent color quality, but like most notebook in general, with the glossy screen material reflection of light sometimes disrupt the view of the user.

Specifications and Performance of Xiaomi Mi Air 13


The most huge difference of its predecessors is the part of the processor. Processors that installed on the Xiaomi Mi Air Notebook 13 is the Intel Core i5-7200U, the 7th generation processor with nick name Kaby Lake. With dual-core chip 2.5GHz and can be over clocked to 3.1GHz with Turbo Boost.

Memory (RAM)

The embedded RAM (Random Access Memory) on this Notebook is 8 GB of RAM and can be upgraded up to 16 GB of course will help us as users to perform various activities in the same time (multitasking). With that much of RAM we can also open applications or games that are classified as 'mid-end'..

Same with the HP Envy 13 Notebook, Xiaomi also installs Nvidia graphics card, the Nvidia GeForce MX150 which is a significant improvement from the previous Nvidia 940MX on the Mi Air 12.

Review Xiaomi Notebook Mi Air 13 Full Specification

According to GFXBench test results with Nvidia GeForce MX150 Mi Air 13 has a frame rate two times higher than the previous generation, this indicates that we as users will have a smoother image quality in heavyweight games.

256 GB SSD Media Storage

Media storage that owned by Mi Air 13 us uses SSD (Solid-state Drive) with 256 GB capacity, although small in terms of capacity but in terms of quality SSD is very reliable, in addition to shock resistance, SSD is also claimed to survive (not damaged) if the notebook is have power-cut or switched off by either removing the battery or turning off the power accidentally.

Unlike the HDD (Hard disk Drive) which is very vulnerable to shocks and power-cut as described above.

No SD Card reader Port

In addition to Wi-Fi, Notebook is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 which certainly provides a variety of options to connect the device with, but the thing to note is.. this Xiaomi notebook is not embedded with the SD card reader port, it is not a good news because for some people or some job profession like photographer.

USB-C (iPhone) port charger

There is a different from the adapter or charger on Notebook Xiaomi Mi Air 13, unlike most laptops, this laptop uses USB-C port as a connector between the laptop unit and charger head. Charger port (USB-C) is often found on iPhone (Apple).

However, the capability of the USB-C charger is not a joke, in experiments, the laptop can be charged up to 50% in just 30 minutes. The size is quite fantastic for a notebook with 5400 mAh of capacity.

Review Xiaomi Notebook Mi Air 13 Full Specification

Battery of Xiaomi Mi Air 13 2017

On the battery, Notebook Mi Air 13 has 5400mAh on capacity. With this number of capacity Xiaomi claim that this Notebook can operate actively for nine hours and 30 minutes. That statement seems correct because after the experiment by turning the marathon video with 720p quality, the notebook survives in nine hours and 12 minutes. Just a little adrift and seems that the gap is still acceptable.

Price of Xiaomi Mi Air 13 Kaby Lake

For the international market like in Amazon online store and also Ebay, we found the price of USD 819 with EUR 617.

There is no more information about the price, in South East Asia like Indonesia the price is also similar, the price range is start from $900 to $1,200.

Operating System Windows 10 (may come with) Chinese

Do not be surprised if after buying you guys get this Xiaomi Air 13 Notebook with Windows 10 but in Chinese language, because this notebook is officially launched using Chinese language on operating system, no wonder, because this notebook is produced and released initially in China.

Complete Specification for Notebook Xiaomi Mi Air 13

The complete specifications of the Xiaomi Notebook Mi Air 13 as follow:

  • Dimensions: 310 x 211 x 14.8 mm
  • Weight: 1.28kg
  • Screen: Glossy 13.3-inch (1920 x 1080) 166ppi IPS LCD
  • Processor: 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-7200U (3.1GHz boost) 2 cores, 4 threads
  • OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (Chinese)
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce MX 150
  • HDD (SSD): 256GB SSD
  • Connection: 802.11b / g / n / ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1
  • Port: 1x USB-C 3.1 + 2x USB 3.0 + HDMI + 3.5mm Headset jack
  • Audio: Stereo speakers
  • Camera: 1Mp webcam
  • Microphone: Single mic
  • Scanner: Fingerprint scanner
  • Battery: 5400 mAh 40Wh lithium-ion
  • Keyboard: US tiled keyboard with backlight

Review Xiaomi Notebook Mi Air 13 Full Specification

Our Conclusion

Just to remind that this notebook Mi Air 13 does not have SD card reader slot, Operating System (maybe) in Chinese version, Port Charger using USB-C, which can be considerations of you guys whether it is feasible and wort it with the price that they offered.

The rest, this Notebook is very tempting, especially for those users who are specs-junky but also want to still look elegant and luxurious. In addition, with the same specifications and features in notebooks with other brands the price that xiaomi offered are very competitive and even tend to mock his competitors because Xiaomi products always get the nickname (worth it). hehe

Looking for another Brand?

If you guys looking for the same specifications but in the other brand you can see HP Envy 13 Notebook because it is called very similar to Xiaomi Mi Air 13 Notebook.

Hopefully this article about review notebook Xiaomi Mi Air 13 full specification can help you who are looking for references and also important data before finally deciding to buy or not. The rest if anyone wants to make a discussion or asked please put it in the comment field below as usual. InsyaAllah we will help as much as possible :) Stay be a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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