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Top Hidden Features on iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad in Asia

Here are the top hidden features that Apple bring on its latest operating system, iOS 11, for smartphone iPhone and tablet iPad especially for user in Asia territory. Before we go to update the OS, its better to know more what’s inside iOS 11.

Beside the design on user interface and navigation, on this new operating system, Apple also fix and upgrade on the system, such as on navigation and also instant payment (Apple Pay). Also they have more feature for its virtual assistant, Siri.

Indonesia’s Biggest Telecom Provider Hacked by ‘The Poor’

Yup! Indonesia’s Biggest Telecom Provider, TELKOMSEL, hacked by anonymous (of course), that pretending to be the poor people in the society who can’t afford internet service plan. As this article process running, Telkomsel’s website still under maintenance without any other information except it’s official name PT. Telekomunikasi Seluler with big-centered “We Apologize, the website is under maintenance”

Be careful on Website with these extensions (.tk .ga .ml .cf .gq)

Planning to create a website with one of this extension (.tk .ga .ml .cf .gq)? Beware because it could have harmed the reputation of your website. or you have read about the trending issues on television at the website with one of that extension? Be careful because it potentially a fraud or hoax!

How to Set BBM Profile Picture Keep Portrait or Landscape (No Square Crop)

This is how to make or change or set your profile picture on BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) but keep on its original dimension or size without cropping it to square size dimension. With following this tutorial you can set your profile picture in all size or dimension, like portrait and landscape. More, you can set an animation picture become your profile picture in BBM.

What is Gojek and How to Use it in Indonesia

First time to Indonesia and find GOJEK logo around? Mostly you will find it on the helmet or jacket that being used by the bike /motorcycle driver. Is it a gangster? No! it is a transportation service that provide a ride (share seat) by the driver or motorcycle owner with other citizen (customer). How it works? How to use it? How to pay it? Is there any other service than share ride in Gojek? Here are the answers.

How to Delete Data in Google Drive when it’s Full Permanently [SOLVED]

When you want to download something but this sentence show: 'Your drive is full, please delete some files or buy More Storage Here "?. Meaning it signifies that you no longer has an empty storage space for new files. Here's How to Remove it!

How to Delete Second space Feature on Your Xiaomi Smartphone

Your Xiaomi Smartphone feel so heavy or slow? maybe you have activated the Second space feature but rarely used? Or do not even know how to use it? Instead slowing down your phone and memory space it's better to removed (delete) that Second space feature, when the time comes and when you really - really need a new space on your Xiaomi smartphone, you can re-activate the feature anytime.