Xiaomi Go to Indonesia, how about the price?
Xiaomi Go to Indonesia, how about the price?
Indonesia gadget market also attracting for Vice President Global Xiaomi, Hugo Barra. On Indonesia Cellular Show (ICS) this year (2014) Hugo Barra showing up his attendance and that’s proven if Xiaomi is interesting with Indonesia’s market.

Indonesia is one of the biggest market in the world so it’s not a surprise if Xiaomi will come to this country soon or later. Before xiaomi there are many factory and brand who was try their luck in Indonesia and we think that they are all almost success in every segment. Because Indonesia people is still become active buyer so they still may have more than one cellphone on their hand.

Xiaomi Colorful DesignFor your reference as Techno's Friend Xiaomi is a brand from China and this brand is famous and known as the brand who has high specification but they labeled their product with low price. So I think the price war will become the main factor of smartphone market especially when they are on aiming the md-low segment as it’s have the biggest number of user.

“Indonesia is one of the biggest market in Asia, that’s why Xiaomi want to come here” Huggo’s said when meeting in ICS 2014 on June at Jakarta, Indonesia.

At the same time Hugge make sure that XIaomi will surely come to Indonesia. The first product of Xiaomi that will come to Indonesia is Xiaomi Mi3 that will come to Indonesia in August this year (2014). Mi3 is one of the premium smartphone with 5 inch or screen, Quad Core Processor Krait 400 2,3 Ghz and GPU Adreno 330. What a great specification isn’t it?

Xiaomi Go to Indonesia
About the price, Hugo still couldn’t tell the price but he said that the price will not far different from the price in China. In China, Xiaomi labeled with (about) $320 and he said the price in Indonesia maybe little bit lower or higher from that price.

However Indonesia will be one of the destination market for many brand because Indonesia still have the huge market and high opportunity even for new comer brand like XIaomi.

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