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How to turn off damage on Assetto Corsa So the car will always fit 100 percent
How to turn off damage on Assetto Corsa So the car will always fit 100 percent

In this tutorial, we will learn how to set the settings so that the car is not damaged in the Assetto Corsa game. with this tutorial the car will not get any damage after a collision between cars or when it hits or touches the wall. We will set it to no damage or turn off the damage rate.

After the car gets damaged or gets damaged during the race, the car will become slower and more difficult to drive, even if the damage is severe, the car will not be able to go and force us to stop racing or DNF (Did Not Finish).

Disabling damage is also very useful if we are practicing on a new track, no need to bother restarting because the car damage is too heavy.

How to turn off damaged on Assetto Corsa (No Damage)

  1. Open the "Content Manager" application for the Assetto Corsa game. If you haven't used the Content Manager app on your PC, please install this application first then continue this tutorial.
  2. On the main page of Content Manager, please look for the words or settings "Tyre blankets". Click the menu options button (three dots) which is to the right of the "Tyre blankets" text. If there is no problem, a new pop-up window will appear.
  3. In the "Mechanical damage" setting, please reduce or slide the setting to 0% (zero percent).
    How to turn off damage on Assetto Corsa So the car will always fit 100 percent
  4. Done. You can test it immediately using any car on any track.

If you want to restore the settings so that the car becomes normal again (it can be damaged) please change the Mechanical damage section back to 100% or to whatever percentage you want. The smaller the percentage, the less damage the car will get.

What is mechanical damage?

Mechanical damage in the automotive world refers to the damage to the car that results in an abnormal physical condition, for example, the engine overheats, the tire explodes, the suspension is bent, the steering wheel is not straight, etc.

But there is something to note when playing simulation games like Assetto Corsa, each car is designed with a different concept and by different people. There is a possibility that the damage that the car shown in the game is inaccurate and not the same as in the real world.

In the game, sometimes visually the car still looks fine but actually, there is something damaged, and vice versa. So it is not recommended that you use the calculations in the game to the real world, because many factors can be different.

What if the car is still damaged after disabling (mechanical) damage?

If after you deactivate the damage the car is still getting damaged, please try the steps below.

  • Make sure you use the Assetto Corsa game with the latest updates and also the Content Manager application with the latest updates.
  • Using the official car that came along with the main game, the third-party mod sometimes caused some problems.
  • Using the game's official track or circuit, the third-party mod sometimes caused some problems.
  • Restart the application and check the "mechanical damage" setting again, make sure the setting remains at 0% (zero percent).
  • Change the mechanical damage setting to 100% then try the race test. After that, change the settings back to 0% and try again in the test drive.

Hopefully, this article on how to set it so that the car does not get damaged in the Assetto Corsa game is useful. If you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comment box below. Good luck!

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