Thomas Ronhaar Finally Proves He Doesn't Cheat in F1 Sim Racing Races

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Thomas Ronhaar Finally Proves He Doesn't Cheat in F1 Sim Racing Races
Thomas Ronhaar Finally Proves He Doesn't Cheat in F1 Sim Racing Races
Thomas Ronhaar poses to the camera after finishing in first place in F1 Sim Racing round 1 (Bahrain GP)

Finally! Thomas Ronhaar managed to shut up everyone who accused him of cheating last season. Ronhaar managed to win the 1st round of Formula 1 Sim Racing (F1 Esports) in LAN mode (Racing with the same device in one room).

After the end of the 2022 F1 Esports race, there were many rumors that Thomas Ronhaar cheated in the competition. In fact, several YouTubers have several times made special videos to analyze Thomas Ronhaar's racing style or strategy.

However, all these accusations have now been refuted because Thomas Ronhaar managed to win the race in LAN format and with the same equipment.

Thomas Ronhaar is also entitled to a prize of $5000 from the total prize pool of $750,000 for a winning F1 Sim Racing race.

Apart from coming out as the winner in the first round of the race (Bahrain GP), Ronhaar also managed to become the pole position holder in the qualifying session before the race started.

When the race was over, Ronhaar made his trademark "shh..." gesture, covering his mouth with his index finger to silence the people who accused him of cheating.

Appreciation (and apology) from Jarno Opmeer

Previously, Jarno Opmeer was one of the racers who was very vocal about this cheating issue, to the point that at one race Opmer clearly said that Ronhaar was cheating even though a few moments later Opmeer clarified that he did this because he was emotional (heat of the moment). .

After Ronhaar emerged victorious in round one of the F1 Sim Racing race, Opmeer was seen offering congratulations and at the same time apologizing for often cornering Ronhaar when they were still racing online from their respective homes.

The Sim Racing community praised Ronhaar's attitude

In my previous article regarding this case, I criticized the attitude of the officials, both from F1 Esports and from the Ronhaar team, who seemed unwilling to defend Ronhaar when he was facing many accusations, even though at that time I was sure that Ronhaar really needed it.

But in the end, it was Ronhaar himself who shut the mouths of F1 Esports fans who often accused him of cheating by taking pole position and finishing in first place in round one of the F1 Sim Racing race last week.

Several F1 and sim racing YouTubers immediately expressed their admiration for Thomas Ronhaar who managed to silence criticism with his achievements.

Some cannot move on

Even though Ronhaar has proven that he did not cheat, some F1 Esports fans cannot take it for granted, even until this writing was written I still found negative comments that cornered Ronhaar and still accused him of cheating.

It's truly a shame that a racer who has struggled so hard to reach the highest point is still being sneered at with accusations that have clearly been refuted. Hopefully, these stubborn fans will one day realize that what they did was wrong and a very low act, not wanting to admit that there really are people as great as Thomas Ronhaar.

I am personally very happy that Ronhaar has proven that he is truly talented and very competitive without having to cheat as he is often accused of. He should get the same respect as other racers. Happy to him!

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