What's New in ETS2 v 1.49 Update? Euro Truck Simulator 2

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What's New in ETS2 v 1.49 Update? Euro Truck Simulator 2

What's New in ETS2 v 1.49 New Update? Euro Truck Simulator 2

More Update! Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.49 has been officially released and is available to all players. This update is considered as another big update because many new and essential features come with this update. What are the features and updates in the ETS2 1.49 version?

As a player and fan of the ETS2 game, I have collected some interesting information about this latest version of ETS2. Starting from the sky (skybox) with HDR (High Dynamic Range) quality, used truck dealers, to the use of more various button options (my favorite). We will discuss them one by one!

HDR Skybox, Moon, and Weather Effects:

What's New in ETS2 v 1.49 New Update? Euro Truck Simulator 2

The nighttime skyline in Euro Truck Simulator 2 just got a major update! This includes the Moon! Radiates its soft light across the land. As simple as it is, adding a moon involves complicated lunar phase calculations, reflections in water, and also having to adjust to other light sources in the game.

The night sky has also been transformed with dynamic stars, twinkling realistically, creating an authentic nighttime atmosphere. What's more, the skybox now features High Dynamic Range (HDR), ensuring richer and brighter colors in the sky.

The weather effects have also been changed, with thunderstorms featuring flashes of light, which will immerse you even more in the game. Now you can also summon the beautiful flashes of the northern lights, better known as the Aurora borealis!

Used Truck Dealer:

What's New in ETS2 v 1.49 New Update? Euro Truck Simulator 2

Another interesting addition is the introduction of Used Truck Dealers. Now accessible from the main menu, the dealer offers a selection of budget-friendly trucks with a variety of mileage options.

A system of damage and repairs that need to be done before the truck is put into service adds a sense of realism, with parts accumulating three types of damage: standard damage, parts wear, and permanent wear. Total Restoration is now an option for those of you who want to restore your truck and trailer to their original condition (like new), although at a higher cost.

With this new feature, it will be easier for you to get your own truck, even if it is used, but it is still better than using a truck that belongs to another company. That way you will get more profit.

Changes in button usage (Keybind): *My favorite!

What's New in ETS2 v 1.49 New Update? Euro Truck Simulator 2

In the 1.49 update, ETS2 introduced Keybind Modifiers. Now one button is no longer limited to assigning one function (action), players can now use combination buttons and hold buttons. This opens up a ton of new opportunities, allowing for more button options.

This is my favorite feature in this latest update. As a steering wheel user, I can now control two functions in the game with one button, this is thanks to the new feature that can use the hold button and the regular one-press button.

Automatic High beam Headlights:

Update 1.49 brings the convenience of Automatic High beam or headlights to Euro Truck Simulator 2. This simple feature activates your headlights (automatically) when the ambient light falls below a certain threshold. The option to switch between automatic and manual modes ensures flexibility and Automatic High Beams intuitively adjust intensity based on the presence of vehicles around you.

As a player and fan of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game, I am very happy to see this game continues to get improvements and updates that make the players more comfortable, including myself.

Is the game getting laggy or slow after the update?

If the game feels laggy than before, please check the "Graphics" settings again. In my experience, this update changed my settings to the maximum graphics option (High/Epic). So I had to lower some settings so the game runs normally.

If after making adjustments to the graphics the game still becomes heavier or takes longer to load, you are not alone. SCS Software (ETS2 developer) has previously confirmed that there will be changes to the minimum standard specifications for the computers used.

If you are using a computer or laptop with minimal specs, you may have to lower (more) the graphics settings on your PC.

Hopefully, this discussion or review of the features in the latest ETS2 v1.49 update is useful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments column below as usual. Remain a wise user. Thank you and good luck trying the latest Euro Truck Simulator 2 update!

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