Creators Can Edit Youtube Videos That Subject to Copyright

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Creators Can Edit Youtube Videos That Subject to Copyright
Now Creators Can Edit Youtube Videos That Are Affected By Copyright

Yup! creators can now edit Youtube videos that are subject to copyright or claims. Permission to use media such as music or video stock is still a major problem for creators or YouTubers. Now the content creator or YouTuber can cut or trim the YouTube videos that have been uploaded.

At the end of 2019, exactly on December 19, Google announced new regulations and features. That would make it easier for content creators or YouTubers to check their videos that were exposed to claims or copyright strikes and could take action to edit YouTube videos directly from the Youtube Studio page.

This update seems to be a feature that has been eagerly awaited by content creators or YouTubers. Especially for those who are always in trouble with copyright, or permission to use other media such as background music or video stock. Mostly came from major media companies such as recording companies or even from fellow YouTubers.

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With these updates and new features you can now find out the following information:
  • See a list of videos that were hit by claims or copyright strikes or were deleted
  • Find out who is making a claim against your video
  • Respond or fix (edit) the video affected

Delete one full video

At this time if there are videos that are subject to copyright claims from other companies or YouTubers, the video is sure to lose an income. At least 50% or even 100% because all income will be transferred to the claimant or the copyright owner.

Sadly, even though the music or video stock that is used is only a small part of the entire video made, it remains the right of the copyright owner or licensee.

For example, you make a 10-minute video and you accidentally use licensed music in the first 10 seconds (intro). So if you get a claim, you can't monetize the entire video (you won't get any income).

Sometimes the creator or YouTuber content must be willing to delete the video (takedown). Until now, we still often hear that some YouTubers must be willing to have their videos removed from Youtube because of the direct request of the owner of the media license used.

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Now Creators Can Edit Youtube Videos That Are Affected By Copyright

Now Creators Can Edit Youtube Videos That Are Affected By Copyright

Now how to edit YouTube videos that have some issue on copyright has started to be socialized by Google (owner of Youtube). And it seems that the creators or YouTubers respond positively to this news. Although not yet officially available, but Google states that this feature will be available as soon as possible.

We've added an explicit Trim option directly on the Video Copyright details page. You can trim out copyrighted content claimed by Content ID in your video which automatically releases the claim.
-Sarah (TeamYouTube)

In the announcement, Google also showed the process of editing YouTube videos directly from the Youtube Studio page. There you as the content creator can edit YouTube videos that are in trouble with copyright or permission to use.

Later you can choose which parts of your video you want to trim (trim). That way you can just remove the problematic part of the video, without having to delete one whole video.

This 'trim' feature also allows you to still be able to activate the monetization feature on the video affected by the claim. In one condition, you have removed the claimed or unlicensed portion of the video.

More in 2020...

In addition to the edited YouTube video that has been uploaded feature, Google also announced that there will be more changes or new additions features in 2020. Especially those related to copyright issues that have always been complained about all the time by content creators or YouTubers.

We have many more updates coming in 2020 that will improve your copyright experience on YouTube. Stay tuned! -Sarah (TeamYouTube)

It is interesting to follow the new rules from Youtube, hopefully, in the future, Youtube can improve the quality of comfort both for content providers (YouTubers), and licensed content owners, and also the most important for viewers who provide traffic to these videos.

What do you think of the new rules that allow content creators to edit YouTube video that has a copyright issue? Hopefully, this article is useful. Stay a wise user!

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