Free MudRunner games on Epic Games - claim it!

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Free MudRunner games on Epic Games - claim it!

Free MudRunner games on Epic Games - claim it!

Yup! There is another free paid game, this time given free by Epic Games. This free MudRunner game on Epic Games won't last forever, you know! It's only a few days, so hurry up and claim it so you don't forget it.

Driving games or driving large trucks have also been playing a lot and seem to have their own characteristics. It's a bit similar to Euro Truck Simulator or American Truck Simulator, but this MudRunner game is specifically for heavy vehicles with steep terrain.

If you like playing driving or driving games, this MudRunner game can be used as a new addition to your list of games. Even though this game looks a little segmented or targets gamers who are specific, it doesn't hurt if we try, as long as it's free. hehe

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MudRunner games are free on Epic Games, why do you have to claim them immediately?

As we know, free items like this game event or activity will not last forever, there must be a deadline. So this time Epic Games is giving a promotion period until December 3, 2020. So make sure you claim or 'buy' this game before that date.

For a very easy method, please follow the short steps below

  1. Install Epic Games Launcher. Can be obtained from the official website here:
  2. Please register for an account first (if you already have an Epic Games account, please just log in directly)
  3. Don't forget to confirm the registration in the registered email
  4. In the Epic Games launcher application, please look for the MudRunner game in the >Store section
  5. After that, make sure the previous price of $13.84 is crossed out to be Free
  6. Please click the button >Buy Now to 'buy' the game.
  7. Because it is free or free, we will not enter the payment step, the page will immediately turn to the thank you notes containing "Thank you for buying MudRunner"
  8. After that the system will ask you to select a folder to install the MudRunner game. Please >select a folder to install the game.
  9. Wait for the system to finish installing. If successful, the MudRunner game icon will appear on the desktop page like any other application.
  10. Done. Please try playing the game immediately

Don't forget to also download the DLC file or additional free files so that you can have more truck and map choices

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Just claim it first, you can download it later!

Yes. Because we already have an account at Epic Games, every game that we have purchased will continue to be in our Epic account gallery. So if you don't have enough storage space, you can download and install this game later.

The important thing is to claim the game first before the promotional period runs out. Even if later you don't like this game, just uninstall it, we can get this game for free.

Hopefully, the information regarding the free MudRunner game on Epic Games is useful. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column below

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