How to Install mod in BeamNG Game Automatic and Manual

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How to Install mod in BeamNG Game Automatic and Manual
How to Install mod in BeamNG Game Automatic and Manual

The following is how to install the mod in the BeamNG game automatically and manually. In this tutorial, we can install or use vehicle mods, maps, scenarios, livery, etc. in the BeamNG driving simulation game. There are several ways that we will discuss, such as installing mods manually, and automatically, and also troubleshooting if there are problems during the mod installation process.

To install mods in this BeamNG game, we only need to open the mod page on the BeamNG website then we can choose how to install the mod. Among them, there is an automatic install method and a manual install. For detailed steps or the complete method, please continue reading.

Game BeamNG is famous for its realistic physical structure so it is often used for simulating collisions or incident scenarios on the road. However, there are many more features that can be enjoyed besides the crash simulation. I personally really enjoy driving on off-road tracks or driving heavy vehicles like trailer trucks.

In terms of FFB (force feedback) the BeamNG game is also quite detailed and easy to play using the steering wheel. Although the details of FFB are still inferior to racing games such as ACC and rFactor2, BeamNG has many features that we can enjoy especially with the availability of many official mods that we can use.

How to Install Automatic and Manual Game BeamNG Mod

There are 3 ways to install or install mods in this BeamNG game. You don't need to follow all the ways, but please choose one of the 3 methods below that you think is the easiest to follow.

Method 1: Automatic Installation BeamNG Mod (In-game)

  1. Open or play the BeamNG game as usual
  2. On the main menu page (Main menu) in the game, please select menu "Repository"How to Install mod in BeamNG Game Automatic and Manual
  3. Please search and select the mod (car, map, etc.) you want to install
  4. Click/open the mod you want to install then click the "Subscribe" button in the mod menu (usually located in the menu section on the right of the screen)
  5. The system will automatically download and install the mod. After the download and install process is complete, the mod can be directly opened or used in the game.

Method 2: Install BeamNG mod via Web Repository

  1. Please open the official website of BeamNG which specifically provides the following mods:
  2. Then find and open the mod page that you want to install How to Install mod in BeamNG Game Automatic and Manual
  3. On the right side of the mod page, 3 choices of install methods will appear, there are Subscribe, View Ingame, and Download Now. Please select the installation method you want. Please read the explanation below.
  • SUBSCRIBE: When clicked, the system will automatically open the BeamNG game on our computer and then continue to subscribe and download mods as well as install them until the mod can be opened in the content section and can be played immediately.
  • VIEW INGAME: Similar to the Subscribe button, this button will open the BeamNG game and open the selected mod page. But it won't download and install, we have to click the Subscribe button (in the game) so that the mod is installed.
  • DOWNLOAD NOW: Unlike the 2 buttons above, if we click this button the system (browser) will download the mod file (the raw file is in the form of ZIP) and we have to manually install the mod. For manual installation, please follow the steps below.

Method 3: Install the Manual BeamNG mod

  1. Prepare the ZIP mod file that you want to install (don't extract it). If you don't know how to download the mod file, please read the method above first.
  2. Please open BeamNG Launcher. (Run the game application as usual but DO NOT SELECT "Launch game").
  3. On the game launcher page, please select "Manage User Folder" then select "Open in Explorer". The system will open the user folder for the BeamNG game. For example, on my computer, the system opens the following folder page: ...Username/AppData/Local/ (depending on the version used) How to Install mod in BeamNG Game Automatic and Manual"mods" folder to store all the mods you want to use in the BeamNG game 
  4. Please open the "mods" folder. If there is no mods folder, please create a new folder and rename it to "mods"
  5. If the mods folder is already open, please move or paste the ZIP file (mod) that you want to install in this mods folder. Can install multiple times at once.
  6. Next, please run the game as usual until the main game page opens.
  7. Please open the menu "Mods Manager" (if it's not there, please open the "Repository" menu then open the "Mods Manager" tab) If it works, you will see the mod we just added. And on this page, we can also do Update, Enable, and Disable mods.
  8. Finally, please try to run/use the mod that was just added. The installed mods will be automatically added according to the category, so if you install the mod track (map) then the new map will appear in the map selection. Likewise with the choice of car, scenario, etc.

What if the mod doesn't appear in the BeamNG game?

Here are some reasons why the mod you are trying to install can't be used or doesn't appear on the game page.

  • The mod file type is not a ZIP, but an EXE or other type. Make sure the mod file you download has a ZIP file type (compressed file), not EXE or something else. Game BeamNG only accepts ZIP files to install, if other than the ZIP file type, it is certain that the mod is fake and can also carry viruses that are harmful to the computer.
  • The mod file created is not appropriate/incomplete. It could be that the mod that we downloaded contains incomplete or not in accordance with game standards, please choose other sources or other mods that are complete or appropriate.
  • The mod has expired/broken. On the mod download page, there are usually mod statuses such as Alpha, Beta, Experimental, Outdated, and Unsupported. Make sure you don't select a mod with "Outdated" and "Unsupported" statuses.
  • The mod is not saved in the correct folder. Make sure you save the mod file in the folder mentioned above, to reduce the risk of failure I suggest naming the "mods" folder exactly (using all lowercase letters).
  • The mod changes the game's core files. Almost the same as mod files that are damaged or inappropriate, the mod you install may even change the game's core files and cause the game to not run perfectly. Please delete the mod and replace it with another mod.
  • There is a 'conflicting' between mods. The newly installed mod can't be run because there are other mods that make the game system "confused" because the two mods interfere with each other. Make sure there are no overlapping or similar mods.

Troubleshoot game errors due to installing mods

If the game becomes an error or crashes after installing the mod, please clear the cache by following the method below.

  1. Run Game Launcher (if you don't know how, please read the "Manual mod BeamNG Manual" section above)
  2. Please select "Support tools"
  3. then click "Clear cache"
  4. Next, select "Standard cache cleaning". This process can take a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of the cache file in our BeamNG game.
  5. If it's finished, please try playing the game again. If necessary, please restart the computer first.

If the above method still doesn't work, please do a system test in "Safe Mode". To check the game system in safe mode, please follow the steps below.

  1. Open Game Launcher (if you don't know how, please read the section "Manual mod BeamNG Manual" above)
  2. Please select/open "Support tools"
  3. Continue by selecting "Safe mode"
  4. After activating the Safe mode feature, please run the game
  5. If the game runs smoothly, then the problem is in the "User folder" (not from the game's core files). Please check the files in the "User folder" folder, and make sure there are no damaged files or mods.
  6. If the game still errors or crashes, then there is a problem with the game's core files. If you install via Steam, please verify the game files (Verify the integrity of game files). If it's still an error, please reinstall the game.

Hopefully, this article on how to install the mod in the BeamNG game is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Keep being a wise user!

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