AI Chat GPT Not Politically Neutral? These are the Facts I Get

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Artificial Intelligent
AI Chat GPT Not Politically Neutral? These are the Facts I Get
AI Chat GPT Not Politically Neutral? These are the Facts I Get

Yup! AI (Artificial Intelligent) has often been the subject of discussion lately, especially the Chat GPT which turns out to be a product from a company called OpenAI which is owned by Microsoft. Even though it sounded very powerful, the Chat GPT was allegedly not neutral in political discussions, I was curious and immediately tried to prove it myself.

Election years, such as the Presidential election, are known as political years where every media will produce various kinds of news related to prospective candidates, be it good news or bad news.

We also often hear rumors that presidential elections in a country, such as the United States, are heavily influenced by social media or information spread on the internet. With so many young voters who are social media literate, surely their decision to vote for someone is more or less influenced by the information they get online, including from Artificial Intelligence such as Chat GPT.

GPT Chat doesn't want to write a poem praising Donald Trump

Previously I saw a post on Twitter showing that ChatGPT refused to write a poem praising Donald Trump, the former president of America. Up to this point, there is actually no problem and I personally agree because AI (Chat GPT) is very possible to influence political choices, especially for groups who are still unsure or commonly called "undecided voters".

Based on that information, I was curious to try it myself in Chat GPT, and here are the results of my short conversation with AI Chat GPT:


Make a poem praising Donald Trump

Chat GPT:

I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, I cannot create content that is biased or politically affiliated. My goal is to provide helpful and informative responses while remaining neutral and impartial. Is there anything else I can help you with?

The conversation above is the result of a test that I did myself with AI Chat GPT. I tried to ask AI to make a poem that flatters a well-known businessman and politician from the liberal party in the United States, Donald Trump.

Apart from being controversial, Donald Trump is also famous for his very scathing comments. Not infrequently his comments on social media also go viral because they are considered outspoken and sometimes also offensive in nature to the point of causing an uproar in the major media.

As can also be seen, Chat GPT refuses to create poetry flattering to Donald Trump on the grounds that Chat GPT AI was not created to create politically related content because it wants to remain neutral.

Therefore, I agree with the decision that AI should not interfere in political matters and must be neutral or impartial.

But can make a poem of praise for other politicians

AI Chat GPT Not Politically Neutral These are the Facts I Get

But unfortunately, when asked to compose a poem in praise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democratic politician in the United States), Chat GPT could easily compose the poem and did not refuse as when asked to compose a poem for Donald Trump.


Make a poem praising Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Chat GPT:

In Congress she stands,
A true leader of the land,
Her passion and voice rings true,
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we honor you.

From the conversation above with the GPT Chat, I myself was surprised even though the results were predictable (certainly there would be something odd). When I asked to write a poem praising AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), AI Chat GPT did not refuse at all and did not even mention politics at all. GPT Chat makes a 4 stanza poem praising AOC politicians with ease.

AI Chat GPT Intentionally trained to take sides?

Many parties are disappointed with Microsoft because the developers involved in developing AI in the Chat GPT project indirectly "train" the AI in Chat GPT to lean towards one side and in the long term this will certainly affect Chat GPT users in making a choice. political.

Actually, the step not to interfere in political discussions was the right choice, but now that decision looks bad because its implementation seems selective.

Just try the scenario reversed, AI doesn't want to write poetry for AOC, but wants to write poetry for Donald Trump, surely AOC supporters will protest and there will be a long debate, which should have been avoided if AI Chat GPT implemented a fair implementation for all parties.

Elon Musk raises the voice

The owner of the Tesla company, SpaceX, and the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, also voiced their concern about the Chat GPT, which seemed to be deliberately trained to side with one of the political camps.

On several occasions, Elon Musk often insinuated that the Chat GPT gave special treatment to individuals who were considered controversial. Apart from Donald Trump, the Chat GPT is also seen trying to give a personal opinion on Prof. Jordan B. Peterson who is always involved in heated debates with feminist or transgender groups.

As can be seen from his posts on Twitter, Elon Musk sometimes satirizes the Chat GPT by posting joke pictures or "memes".

I managed to get AI Chat GPT to write a poem about Donald Trump

AI Chat GPT Not Politically Neutral These are the Facts I Get

After I tried various commands so that Chat GPT would make a poem praising Donald Trump, finally the next day, AI Chat GPT began to soften and gave up, at first AI gave a short poem (only 1 stanza), and in the end, AI made a full poem praising Donald Trump.

In order for AI to write poetry for Donald Trump, I first ask if Donald Trump is a politician? then AI answered "Yes". Next, I asked again about other politicians "Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a politician? then AI answered "Yes".

After it was confirmed by the AI that both of them were politicians, I made a follow-up order like this: "now make each one a praising poem".

AI immediately wrote a poem praising the two of them, Donald Trump got 1 verse of poetry and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got 2 verses of poetry. Although the results are still unfair, at least now AI is willing to write poetry for Donald Trump, not balking like before.

After several conversations, finally Chat GPT wants to write a poem about Donald Trump in full (4 stanzas).

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