How to Install the Gran Turismo 7 HUD in the Assetto Corsa Game

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How to Install the Gran Turismo 7 HUD in the Assetto Corsa Game
How to Install the Gran Turismo 7 HUD in the Assetto Corsa Game

Do you want the appearance of your Assetto Corsa game to be like the Gran Turismo game? This mod can change the HUD (Head-up Display) display in Assetto Corsa to be like the Gran Turismo 7 display. Including the MFD display, Leaderboard, Speedometer, Pedal input, Map, timer, etc.

To change the racing display in Assetto Corsa to look like racing in the Gran Turismo game, you only need to install the GT7 HUD mod file. This mod is free and can be downloaded directly on the Race Department website.

Content Manager is A Must!

Maybe you are tired of reading these mandatory requirements but I will remind you again, it is highly recommended to use the Content Manager application on your PC to open the Assetto Corsa game application. There are many advantages to this application and of course, it will make the process of installing whatever you want in your Assetto Corsa game easier.

This application can only be used on the PC platform, for those of you who use consoles such as XBOX and PlayStation, it seems you have to continue using the default Assetto Corsa application.

How to Install the Gran Turismo 7 HUD in the Assetto Corsa Game

  1. Download the GT7 HUD mod file in zip format here: GT7 HUD. For new users, you may have to create an account first to be able to download.
    How to Install the Gran Turismo 7 HUD in the Assetto Corsa Game
  2. Open the Content Manager application
  3. Open the folder where the mod is stored on the PC.
  4. Drag and drop (Drag n drop) the GT7 HUD mod file to the Content Manager page. If there are no problems, the menu button in the Content Manager application will change color to green indicating that the application is reading the mod file.
    How to Install the Gran Turismo 7 HUD in the Assetto Corsa Game
  5. Click the Content Manager menu button (next to minimize button). If there are no problems, a file ready to be installed will appear called "GT7 - AC HUD" in zip format.
  6. Click the "Install" button below the mod name. Wait until the installation process is complete.
    How to Install the Gran Turismo 7 HUD in the Assetto Corsa Game
  7. Activate the HUD mod in the game. Please play the game in any format (practice, hotlap, race, etc.) then activate the GT7 HUD (G Meter) mod from the application page as usual. A complete explanation is at the bottom of this article.

We recommend using the race format (race) so that all the parameters in this mod can be seen whether they work or not.

A complete explanation of using the GT7 HUD

To activate this mod, please open the application/mod page while you are in-game. Look for a mod or app called "G Meter". In the G Meter application there are various UIs that can be used as below:

  • GT7 UI Configuration (for display settings)
  • GT7 Multi-Function Display (MFD)
  • GT7 UI loop
  • GT7 UI Leaderboard
  • GT7 UI Map
  • GT7 UI position
  • GT7 UI session timer
  • UI GT7 Speedometer
  • GT7 UI Timer

Please click on the features above one by one. You can also use only part of it as needed. For example, you can just use the Speedometer and Map features, and for the rest you can use any other application you want.

You Can Use The Racing Intro like in Gran Turismo 7

How to Install the Gran Turismo 7 HUD in the Assetto Corsa Game

One of the features that I was impressed with when I found out about it was the feature to display the race intro like in the game Gran Turismo 7. During the countdown, the car that we will use in the race will be highlighted from various positions until finally the light goes green or the race starts.

The downside, in my opinion, is that this feature makes me startled when the red light stops turning on (green light) because I have to race straight away as if I wasn't given a signal, even though there is already a countdown, but it feels different because I'm not used to it.

Despite the shortcomings above, I still like this intro concept, especially since I often use the cockpit view where the body or design of the car from the outside is rarely visible. With this intro feature, the livery of the car you are using will be shown right before the race starts.

What if the Mod error cannot be used?

There are several things you can do if the mod errors or doesn't even appear. First, make sure the file you are using is not corrupt or damaged before installing, to make sure you can re-download the mod file above.

Next, please try restarting the game or you can also restart the PC to ensure the application is installed perfectly and there is no interference from other applications on the computer.

Apart from that, you can also reinstall the mod on the Content Manager page, using the same method as I wrote above, it could be that you missed a step or it just happened that there was a problem on the first try.

The final way, try installing the mod manually without using the Content Manager. Please extract the mod file and save the mod file directly to the game installation folder. Save it in the apps folder in the "assettocorsa" folder.

Hopefully, this method of installing the Gran Turismo 7 HUD is useful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments column below as usual. Remain a wise user. Good luck!

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