Another free game from Epic! Star Wars Battlefront 2 go claims!

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Another free game from Epic! Star Wars Battlefront 2 go claims!

Another free game from Epic! Star Wars Battlefront 2 go claims!

Yup! Epic again makes gamers smile broadly, especially gamers - gamers like us. hehe. Now the Epic Games Store is releasing the Star Wars Battlefront 2 game for free for the next week! On Steam, this game is priced at about $42.99 not bad huh?!

This free game will be available on the Epic Game Store starting January 14, 2020, and will continue to be free until January 21, 2020. One full week of this game can be claimed and played at any time because ownership is permanent as long as there is an Epic account.

As we know Epic has continued to share games since last year, and several expensive games like GTA V, Jurassic Park, and other games have been distributed gradually. This time, the game adaptation from a film franchise is also being made free.

This game with the Action-Adventure genre was released in 2017 and is still priced at a high price of IDR 562,000, which is equivalent to other AAA games (over five hundred thousand).

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All heroes are unlocked

At the beginning of the release, EA (owner of the Star Wars game license) was criticized because in this game it offers a lot of microtransactions where some characters and items are locked. These items must be purchased separately in order to be used.

Actually, these items can be unlocked without being purchased but the players have to work very hard to get them. EA does not remain silent and finally no longer applies the microtransaction system in the game and now all characters are open and can be used by all players, including new players.

There are some items that still have a price, but these items are only limited to accessories that do not have a big impact on the game.

How to claim the Star Wars Battlefront 2 game on the Epic Games Store

  1. If you don't have an account at the Epic Games store, please create an account first on the Epic Games store website page ( Or you can also directly install the Epic Games Launcher application which can be found on the epic games website.
  2. If you already have an account on Epic, please log in to your Epic account.
  3. On the main Epic Store page, please scroll down to the Free Games section. Please click on the Star Wars Battlefront II poster with the words "Free Now". If not, please search through the search field with the keyword "Star Wars". Or please directly open the following link:
  4. Please check the price of the Star Wars game, make sure the price listed is crossed out and there is the word Free on the side.
  5. Next, please click the button> GET to go to the game order page.
  6. On the order page, please check the Order summary section, make sure the total you have to pay shows the number $ 0 (zero dollars) or free. If so, please click the button> CHECKOUT or ORDER at the bottom.
  7. If successful, the page will show a receipt notification like "Thanks for your order" .. Please check your email to get proof of ordering the game from Epic.
  8. If you have successfully ordered, the system will ask you to choose whether to install the game now or later. If you don't want to install it right away, please select Not now, or just ignore the question.
  9. If you are ready to download and install this game, please log back into your Epic account and go to the> Library section. Please click the button> Install in the game you just bought.

Claim it now, Play later

For friends who still don't have a PC or laptop capable of playing this game, don't worry. We can claim (buy) this game now and play it later. Ownership of this game is permanent as long as your Epic account lasts.

So for example, at this time we don't have a strong laptop yet, we can claim this game first then next month or even next year there is luck and already have a strong laptop, we only need to log in again to the Epic account then install the game on the laptop that is new.

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This also applies to all marketplaces such as Epic, Steam, and other game stores. Hopefully, the information regarding the free Star Wars Battlefront II game from Epic was useful. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column as usual. Remain a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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