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How to set Logitech Shifter to 12 Speed on ETS2
How to set Logitech Shifter to 12 Speed on ETS2

Here is how to set the Logitech shifter to 12 Speed on ETS 2 or Euro Truck Simulator 2. In this way, we can change the shifter that only has 6 transmissions/speed to 12 or even more. This method works for Logitech G29, G920, and G27 shifters, and also for Thrustmaster shifters.

If you have ever seen or even played the ETS 2 game, you must know that the transmission in trucks can be up to a dozen, between 12-14 speeds. Whereas in the Logitech shifters there are only 6 + 1 directions for reverse gear. Then how to be able to do 12 speeds with only the 6 buttons available?

Actually, this method can also be applied to Thrustmaster shifters which also have transmission limitations. The Thrustmaster shifters may have more transmission (8 button points), but they are still limited, not up to a dozen. Therefore, this method can also be used by you, the shifter user of the Thrustmaster brand.

How to set Logitech Shifter to 12 Speed on ETS 2

  1. Make sure the Logitech steering wheel and shifters have been detected in the ETS2 game
  2. Next, Open the Settings section then select "Options" then open the section "Controls"
  3. In the controls section make sure to select "Keyboard + Logitech (or Thrustmaster) Driving Wheel"
    How to set Logitech Shifter to 12 Speed on ETS2
  4. Then in the transmission options make sure to select "H-Shifter"
  5. In the H-Shifter layout (setup) section, make sure to select the type "Range"
  6. Please set the Shifter 1 - 6 buttons and the Reverse button as normal (default).
  7. In the "Shifter toggle 1" and "Shifter toggle 2", please enter the (free of choices) buttons on the steering wheel that you don't use. For example, I use the buttons "L3 (Joy Button 11)" and "R3 (Joy Button 10)".
    How to set Logitech Shifter to 12 Speed on ETS2
  8. Done. The button setting has been completed. For application, please follow the steps below.

How to use the advanced shifter keys (gear 7, 8, 9, etc.)

  1. Position the game when you are driving a truck. We assume that you have been stuck in gear 6 and want to move up to gear 7 and so on.
  2. Please step on the clutch (don't lift it until the next step) then move the shifter knob to gear 1 then click the "Shifter toggle 2" button that you set above. In this example, it means I have to press the R3 button on the steering wheel.
  3. Make sure the transmission/gear has changed to number 7, then you can release the clutch.
  4. Next, we assume that you are stuck in gear 12 and want to go to gear 13 and so on (if any, depending on truck specifications).
  5. Please step on the clutch as usual then move the shifter into gear 7 then click the "Shifter toggle 1" button that was set earlier. Because in the example above I have set it to the L3 button, it means I have to press the L3 button before lifting the clutch.
  6. Make sure the transmission has changed to 13th gear, then you can release the clutch and drive as usual.
  7. To return to gear 7 or 1, we only need to press the Shifter toggle 1 or 2 buttons again as the previous method.
  8. Done. Now you can use your Logitech shifters to switch transmissions up to 12 (or even more) in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Reverse Gear on Logitech Shifters

Prior to the 12-speed tutorial, as a reminder for those who don't know, the Logitech shifters have 6 + 1 directions that can be used. So 1 - 6 is for forwarding transmission and transmission to 7 for reverse.

There are some users who still think that the 6th gear (bottom-right) is set for reverse gear, even though the reverse gear is separate from positions 1 - 6.

For those who don't know, for reverse gear, you have to first press the shift knob down and then pull it down to the right. The position is almost the same as transmission 6 but is located at the bottom. So in total, we get 7 transmission/gearshift points on the Logitech shifter.

Why do I bother writing about reverse gear? because of this, I also experienced at the beginning using this g29 shifter. hehe

In the above steps, it looks a bit complicated, but if we are used to it it will be easy and like changing gears in general. The important thing is to increase the practice of shifting gears between ranges, later you will also get used to it.

Note: If when you press the toggle shifter 2 button it goes straight to transmission 13, please change it by pressing the toggle 1 shifter button (or vice versa). I also sometimes still like to switch between toggle 1 and toggle 2, just try - just try between the two buttons until you get used to it.

Hopefully this tutorial or how to set Logitech shifters to 12 speed on ETS 2 is useful. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column as usual. Remain a wise user!

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  1. Unknown
    Wednesday, December 15, 2021
    nice very helpful i was going to buy one and i thought you push down like reverse and got to 1-5 but then it is 11 foward 1 reverse
    and how do you get multiple reverse gears
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      Rindi Putra
      Wednesday, December 15, 2021
      Never thought on multiple reverse, I need to look into it then.