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Fix Audio and Visual not Sync in Premiere Pro
Fix Audio and Visual not Sync in Premiere Pro

Fix Audio and Visual not syncing in Premiere Pro after being imported to the timeline. In this way, we can fix the video that does not fit between audio and visual in Adobe Premiere Pro. This method can be done in a short time and without the need for additional applications such as handbrake or similar converters.

This out-of-sync audio and visual problem is generally caused by an unstable recording process, resulting in an unstable framerate. This unstable framerate ends up making audio and visuals that don't match/sync.

If you play it on a regular video player, you won't see this problem, but if you put it in a video editor application like Adobe Premiere Pro, you'll see the damage. Therefore, from now on make sure the PC / laptop used for recording is in a fit state and there are not many disturbances in the system.

After seeing several tutorials both on YouTube and on Google, generally, people use the Handbrake application to fix videos that are not in sync. But in my experience, using the Handbrake application takes quite a long time because the process is almost the same as exporting a video file in Premiere Pro.

After doing some experimentation, I finally found a very short and easy way. Please read carefully, if there is something you don't understand, please ask in the comments column below.

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Fix Audio and Visual not Sync in Premiere Pro

  1. First, for those who haven't, please open the video file that you want to repair in the Adobe Premiere Pro application, and don't forget to directly input or insert it into the timeline.
  2. Next, please right-click on the video file in the timeline, then find and click on the words "Unlink". At this stage, the audio and video files are separated.
    Fix Audio and Visual not Sync in Premiere Pro
  3. Next, please right-click on the video file (visual) then select "Speed/Duration" until a menu appears in a new window.
    Fix Audio and Visual not Sync in Premiere Pro
  4. In the Speed/duration setting, please experiment with speeding up or slowing down the video by changing the percentage in the speed column. Generally, between 100.01% to 100.20% (depending on the length of the video), which means there are about 20 possible speeds to try until the audio and visuals are in sync.
  5. For the first try, at speed, please try 100.03%, then click the >OK button
    Fix Audio and Visual not Sync in Premiere Pro
  6. Please play at the end of the video and see the difference between audio and visual. If the audio is still faster than the visual, please increase the speed again to 100.04%, and so on, if the visual is faster than the audio then the speed needs to be lowered, please try 100.02% and the number below.
  7. Please try to continue to the next speed until it is really in sync or a match between audio and visual. (In this example I found the speed to fit at 100.07%).
  8. If it is in sync, please press and hold the Ctrl key then select/activate the audio and visual files in the timeline, if the audio and visual have been selected, please right-click on one of the files then click the "Nest" menu. The function of Nest is to recombine audio and visuals that were separated at the beginning for easy editing.
    Fix Audio and Visual not Sync in Premiere Pro
  9. Done. If the audio and visual are in sync, you can continue editing the file/video in the Premiere Pro application as usual.

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The difference with using other Handbrake/converter apps

If this is your first time reading this personal tutorial of mine, it might look more complicated and uncertain because we have to do our own experiments to find the right speed to sync. But believe me, I've tried how to use an application like Handbrake, and the result is much longer using the converter application.

In addition to having to open additional applications again, using a converter such as a handbrake to fix the video framerate, takes a long time. This time when compared to the 'speed experiment' in Premiere Pro, it was very different.

For the method, I mentioned above, at most 5 minutes so that we get the right time. I personally only need 1-2 minutes on average to synchronize this problematic audio and visual.

If you use a converter application such as Handbrake, just opening the file in the application takes about 2 minutes plus selecting settings and others, not to mention the rendering/conversion time to the video file is very long like the export file time in Premiere Pro

But back to each other's preferences, yes, if friends are more comfortable using the handbrake application, please continue. If friends feel my way is better, please use it as best as possible.

I hope this tutorial on how to fix audio and visual out-of-sync issues in Premiere Pro was helpful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Keep being a wise user!

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