McLaren Successfully Recruits Red Bull's Chief Engineering Officer, Rob Marshall

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McLaren Successfully Recruits Red Bull's Chief Engineering Officer, Rob Marshall
McLaren Successfully Recruits Red Bull's Chief Engineering Officer, Rob Marshall

From left to right: Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Rob Marshall, Fernando Alonso | Photo: Steve Etherington, Motorsport Images

Shocking news came from the McLaren Racing F1 team, they announced that they had succeeded in recruiting the Chief Engineering Officer of the Red Bull Racing team, Rob Marshall, as Technical Director, Engineering & Design to his team.

Rob fills the technical executive team position along with Peter Prodromou and David Sanchez. The three of them are under the command of Team Principal, Andrea Stella.

Rob Marshal is an executive at Red Bull with a lot of experience. Rob has worked for Red Bull for 17 years and more than 25 years working in the world of motorsports.

McLaren F1 Principal Team: Back to the Winning Ways

With Rob Marshal joining the McLaren team, McLaren F1 team principal, Andrea Stella, believes that this is the right move and he wants to bring the McLaren team to victory with the help of Rob.

After the last 2 years the McLaren team has always been the butt of the fans (because they always get bad results), recruiting an engineer from the current team number is a very reasonable step.

Apart from being often underestimated by F1 fans, McLaren also has an obligation to please the sponsors who have disbursed funds to this team from England.

Recruiting other employees to switch teams is not easy, and I believe the McLaren team spent a lot of money to convince Rob Marshal to join them.

I am very pleased that Rob will be joining McLaren. With over 25 years working in the motorsport world, Rob joins a wealth of skills and experience, coupled with his tenure and track record at Red Bull Racing. Rob’s appointment is one of the fundamental steps and a natural fit to aid the team’s journey to get back to our winning ways. - Andrea Stella (McLaren F1 Principal Team)

Stacked Sponsors but no good result 

Maybe you often hear this too, especially among Formula 1 fans in Indonesia. McLaren is known for its large number of sponsors, but this does not necessarily provide satisfactory results on the race track.

So it's only natural that McLaren gets a lot of ridicule because their achievements or position in the F1 competition is not much better than teams that have limited sponsors such as Haas or Williams.

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