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How to Install Custom Livery on Assetto Corsa Competition
How to Install Custom Livery on Assetto Corsa Competition

The following is how to add or install a custom livery in the Assetto Corsa Competizione game. This method or tutorial can be used both to play offline and online. So the car design that you make can be seen by other people who are racing with you online.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to download the livery for free and install it in the ACC (Assetto Corsa Competizione) game that you have. So in this article, we won't discuss how to make the livery because that's a different process and requires another full discussion.

Prepare the Livery File that will be installed in the ACC game

Before the custom livery installation process, you must prepare a finished livery file that is ready to be installed. If you don't have it yet, you can look for it in various online forums or you can search directly via Google, such as "Livery Audi R8 EVO II for ACC" or "livery BMW M4 for asset to corsa competizione", etc.

As an example, I will install the BMW M4 livery used by Valentino Rossi at the 24h of Dubai race, which is filled with many sponsors from Indonesia (PASEO, BNI, KFC, etc.) because he is on the same team as Sean Gelael (Indonesia). Then I will search on Google like this: "livery bmw m4 valentino rossi assetto corsa competizione dubai 24h".

How to Install Custom Livery on Assetto Corsa Competition

Luckily, on my search on Google, someone already made the livery I wanted and it's ready to be downloaded on the Racedepartment website. Immediately I open the website page and download the livery file provided as shown above (you may need to create an account to download the file).

Install the Custom Livery file on Assetto Corsa Competition

  1. After the desired livery file has been successfully downloaded, please extract/unzip the file (if it is still in zip form) into a folder that is easy to find. Usually, the zip file contains "Cars" and "Liveries" folders.
  2. In the downloaded folder, please open the "Cars" folder and copy the files in it. In this example, the file type is JSON: "CVW_Team_WRT_BMW_M4_Dubai24h.json". Please COPY the file.
  3. Next, open the following file directory: "C:\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Customs\Cars". Please PASTE the file above into this folder.
  4. Next, reopen the extracted folder and open the "Liveries" folder and copy the files/folders in it. In this example, the contents are a folder with the name "CVW_Team_WRT_BMW_M4_Dubai24h". COPY the folder.
  5. Next, open the following directory: "C:\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Customs\Liveries". Please PASTE the folder that was copied above into this folder.
    How to Install Custom Livery on Assetto Corsa Competition

The custom livery installation process has been completed. Then we can immediately try it in the game. Please follow the tutorial below.

Choosing and Using a Custom Livery Car in the Game

  • After finishing installing the custom livery, please run or play the ACC game as usual.
  • Please open any mode, you can race offline or online, or you can also open practice mode, the important thing is that in this mode we can choose a car.
  • When selecting a car, please set the FILTER section to "CUSTOM". If there are no problems, all the cars with custom liveries will appear.
  • Make sure to choose the brand and type of car that has a custom livery, in this example, it means I have to choose the BMW M4 GT3 and choose the WRT team.
    How to Install Custom Livery on Assetto Corsa Competition

Done!. You can immediately use the new livery in all game modes such as offline, online racing or just doing practice that can also be used.

The desired livery file is not on Google

Finding livery files that can be downloaded and free is indeed challenging, depending on the livery creators or modder. If the livery is indeed famous and has many requests, it will definitely be easy to find on Google.

If it's not on Google, you can try searching on YouTube or other sim racing forums. If the livery you are looking for still doesn't exist, it means that no one has made it yet, the solution is, you have to wait until someone makes it or you make it yourself.

Can't find the Customs or Liveries folder?

  • Please run the ACC game
  • In the car selection, please click the "ADD" button on the CUSTOM menu
  • Please select the car that you want to give a custom livery to
  • Please enter the team name in the TEAM column (free) then click the "SAVE" button
  • Finally, please close or close the game and look for the customs folder again above.

Hopefully, this tutorial on how to install or install a custom livery in the Assetto Corsa Competizione game is useful. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Keep being a wise user!

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