How to Install Mod Track Circuit on rFactor 2 (New Layout)

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How to Install Mod Track Circuit on rFactor 2 (New Layout)
How to Install Mo Track Circuit on rFactor 2 (New Layout)

Here is how to install the circuit track mod on rFactor 2 in a new look. In this way, we can install tracks or circuits in the game rFactor 2 by downloading the manual outside the workshop which will certainly complement the circuit collection in your game.

I actually made the install track tutorial on RindiTech some time ago on the RindiTech website, but now the appearance of the rFactor 2 game has changed drastically and I think the tutorial that has been made is irrelevant because of the remote menu layout and game entry process. different.

Generally, a very detailed track will make the computer work harder when compared to playing on a track with less detail. More details will be discussed at the end of the tutorial install this track.

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How to Install Circuit Track Mod on rFactor 2 (New Look)

  1. First, we need to have the track or circuit file that we want to install. The easiest way is to do a search on google. In this example I want to install the Imola circuit, so I search for the keyword "Imola track rFactor 2" then several options appear, please find and select a website that provides downloadable track files.
  2. Please download the track/circuit file you want to install later in the game. Files that are ready to install usually have the type (suffix) ".rfcmp".
  3. If it has been successfully downloaded, please save the file in the Packages folder with the directory below. ".... Steam/steamapps/common/rFactor 2/Packages". Please adjust the local disk according to where you installed the rFactor 2 game. For example, because I installed the game on "Local Disk C" then I have to save it in the C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/rFactor 2/Packages folder. If you install it on Local Disk D, please adjust it, the important thing is to save it in the Packages folder.How to Install Mo Track Circuit on rFactor 2 (New Layout)
  4. Next, please open/run the rFactor 2 game
  5. On the main game page, please select menu >Content
  6. On the Content page, please select menu >PackagesHow to Install Mo Track Circuit on rFactor 2 (New Layout)
  7. On the Packages page, all tracks and cars that have been and haven't been installed will appear. Please find the track file that we just saved in the Packages folder. Because in this example we will try to install the Imola circuit, so we focus on finding a file named Imola. Apart from searching manually on the existing list, we can also use the search field. Another sign, files that have not been installed have a red cross while files that have been installed have a green checkmark.
  8. If we have found the track file, please select/click the file then click the button >Install. Wait a few moments until the circuit installation process is complete.How to Install Mo Track Circuit on rFactor 2 (New Layout)
  9. If the track file has finished installing then we can immediately try it.

Please immediately test drive or try a newly installed circuit. No need to restart the game let alone restart the computer.

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Recommended website for downloading rFactor 2 tracks

If you are confused about choosing a trustworthy website, here are some websites that I personally often visit to find/download track files to install in the rFactor 2 game.

  • etc

In general, almost all websites that appear on Google searches (especially on page 1) are trustworthy and safe. What may be different is the download process, some require us to have an account first (such as the race department website) in order to download files, some can be downloaded directly without having an account on the website.

Everything returns to our individual tastes, if we don't log in we can save time and go straight to the download process. If by logging in, the website is usually more promising, such as having a complete track collection and other benefits.

See also the track file size used, if the file size is getting bigger, it is possible that the track details are also more accurate, such as buildings or the surrounding conditions are very similar to the original, and vice versa. The file size also affects the game loading process and the required resources.

Hopefully, this article about how to install circuit track mods on rFactor 2 is useful. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column below. Remain a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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