How to Disable Notifications In WhatsApp Group

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How to Disable Notifications In WhatsApp Group
How to Disable Notifications In WhatsApp Group

Stressed because the notification from the WhatsApp group always comes every second? Are you waiting for the important message but what always appears is chats from members of the WhatsApp group? Thinking of leaving the group? Hold on, before you decide to leave the group you better try to disable notifications from the Whatsapp group that you joined.

By disabling the notification of the group WhatsApp that you followed, you will no longer get all notifications about new messages in those groups, also if your phone is not in silent mode then if there is a notification (ringtone) ringing from your WhatsApp application, it is sure not a notification from a group, meaning it is a message or chats from an individual contact or group that don’t give that special rules (Mute).

This feature has actually been applied in other chat applications like in BBM there is a choice of "turn off notification" or the Line App also has this kind of feature. Although not a feature that is highlighted (because other applications also provide it) in fact, this feature is very important and widely used by users who are members of various groups in the chat application like WhatsApp.

How to Disable Notifications From WhatsApp Group

  1. Open WhatsApp App
  2. Open the chat group you want to disable notifications for
  3. For Android, Click the Menu button ((the three-point symbol on the right)
  4. For iOS (iPhone), Click Group Name
  5. Select >Mute
  6. How to Disable Notifications in WhatsApp Group
  7. Choose the length of the group to be Mute or deactivate its notifications (8 Hours, 1 Week or 1 Year).
  8. Remove the checklist (uncheck) in the "show notification"
  9. Click >Ok. Done!

After disabling the desired group you will no longer be distracted by the group's notifications and you can focus on the other important messages. The expected and important messages are sometimes drowned by group notifications whose by frequencies are much more active than personal messages.

How to Disable Notifications in WhatsApp Group

Can we change the settings back before the Mute time runs out (re-enable)?

Yes, you can! If you think the timing is off for too long or you can get back in the group and want to get notifications from the group again you can remove the Mute settings. Do the same steps in the way above but in step 5 select >Unmute.

Note: on How to Disable Notifications in WhatsApp Group

  • Although the group is already in Mute mode, you can still read all existing and current conversations, and can also interact in the group as usual.
  • You can mute more than one group at a time by applying the tutorials to each desired group (one by one)
  • If the checklist "show notification" is not removed (checked) then you will still get a notification but will not use the sound (audio) even though your phone is not in silent mode.
  • After the Mute-time is passed then the notification from the group will automatically return to its original settings.

Do not leave Group, please.. :)

Whether it's a hobby group or an elementary school reunion, as long as it does not contain content that is negative or does not adversely affect your life, try not to leave the group, we do not know which friends we need in the future, or maybe from which broadcast that often shared are one or two can inspire you and make you better. The rest, you have your own consideration for that :)

Hopefully, this article helps especially for you guys who are looking for a way to not be distracted by chat or notifications from the WhatsApp group that you followed. If you have any questions or suggestions please put them in the comments box as usual. Be a wise user!

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