This F1 22 Player Caught Cheating and Disqualified Immediately

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This F1 22 Player Caught Cheating and Disqualified Immediately
These 22 F1 Players Caught Cheating and Immediately Expelled - Moving To F1 eSports?

It started with a tweet belonging to Dani Moreno Mercedes F1 Esports) who shared a video of people playing the F1 22 game, which later became a topic of conversation because it turned out that the video showed something that was not natural. An F1 22 player was caught cheating by using a grip hack.

Recently, a player named Jamie Mels was caught cheating while participating in the F1 22 game racing tournament at PSGL. Jamie is strongly suspected of using a grip hack where every vehicle he uses will have a better grip than it should.

This fraud was then confirmed by the Esports team that overshadows Jamie Mels, Campeonato FVR. The FVR team immediately issued a statement that Jamie Mels had been removed from the team and apologized to all those who had been disturbed by this problem.

Caught While Participating in PSGL (Premiere Sim Gaming Leagues) tournaments

It is known that Jamie Mels took part in several F1 22 league competitions, one of which was PSGL. While racing at the PSGL event, Jamie raised suspicions while racing at the Silverstone circuit, to be precise in the qualifying session.

During the qualifying session, Jamie did a hot lap and got the first position (pole position), that record time was enough to enter the top 10 in the F1 Esports qualification. However, after an investigation, it turned out that Jamie's time was not reasonable.

Former 2-time F1 Esports champion, Jarno Opmeer, also shared his opinion. Jarno said that during the hot lap Jamie Mels made a lot of mistakes but strangely he still recorded a very fantastic time.

This one was really easy to catch as he was driving like a potato. Had to lift turn 1 missed, half of the apexes, Had no minimum speed all laps, line through maggots and baggots was terrible. All of this and yet this lap would have been enough for like P10 on the F1 Esports grid. -Jarno Opmeer (Mercedes F1 Esports Driver)

Immediately Disqualified by PSGL

Later, the PSGL issued a statement that Jamie had been removed from the competition.

After a thorough investigation, the driver below has been removed from our leagues with immediate effect

Thanks to everyone who has informed us and given their expertise on the matter - PSGL (@PremierSimGL)

Jamie Mels made illegal changes to the game files

It's very easy for all players to access game files, even YouTubers often use it to carry out various experiments such as 100% grip, or 0% downforce, etc. Unfortunately, Mels did it for his own benefit and harmed other participants when he entered the race.

Jamie is suspected of using a grip hack or modifying the level of grip of the tires on the road. When other people have to lift the gas pedal or limit throttle input so the car doesn't roll (spin), Jamie can easily hold the gas pedal at 100% full but the car remains stable.

Campeonato FVR Esports Team Apologizes

The team that houses Jamie Mels, Campeonato FVR, issued a statement containing an apology and confirmed that Jamie Mels had been removed from the team and confirmed that he had cheated (exploited the game).


It is with great regret that it has been made clear to us that one of our drivers, Jamie Mels, has been exploiting the game.

Jamie has been removed from our team, and we wholeheartedly apologize to everyone affected by his actions. - Campeonato FVR (@FVRCampeonato)

Is there someone cheating in the F1 Esports competition?

James Dorothy, the owner of the Limitless YouTube channel, said that apart from the Jamie Mels cheating case, there was also what happened behind the scenes of F1 Esports. JD (as James Dorothy is known) said that there were allegations of cheating against one of the drivers in F1 Esports this year.

JD also referred this accusation to the 2022 F1 Esports race at Mexico GP. As we know, there were many exciting moments during the F1 Esports race at Mexico GP last year, one of which was Frederik Rasmussen rivalry.

In the race, the two had exchanged positions several times but the competition had to end because Rasmussen deliberately crashed his car into Ronhaar's car and ended the race faster.

I hope this information is helpful. If you have questions or opinions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Remain a wise user.

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