Tesla Roadster Head to head with Bugatti Chiron
Tesla Roadster Head to head with Bugatti Chiron
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One more electric car that we must know for automotive enthusiasts is the Tesla Roadster. This car is a car with high speed and uses electrical energy. No wonder we called him the first electric sports car in the world.

The existence of the Tesla Roadster is certainly a new output electric car that is in great demand. What makes Tesla so well-liked and looked at is due to the 1-100 km score which is only 1.9 seconds. While the top speed can be 450 / hour with a distance of 1000 km.

To find out more about the following Tesla Roadster car are things related to the car.

Price of Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster Head to head with Bugatti Chiron
The price of an electric car on this one is quite expensive. The price range is from 200 thousand dollars to 250 thousand dollars. Or if in rupiah around 2.7 billion rupiahs to 3.4 billion rupiahs. It can be said that this car is classified as a luxury car.

But if you look at the features and performance offered, you will think again about the high cost of this Tesla Roadster electric car. Especially if we go into the discussion of comparisons with other sports cars that have a price of millions of dollars (tens of billions of rupiah).

Tesla Roadster Design

When viewed in terms of design, this car is classified as a sexy car. Said to be sexy because it has a slim body. The front is decorated with a pair of thin lights with LED technology. While at the rear it is more similar to a car that has a radical concept.
Tesla Roadster Head to head with Bugatti Chiron
Convertible design with a retractable roof

Among the designs in this car, the most interesting is the very thin taillights and aggressive diffusers. For seats 2 + 2 with narrow rear seats. When sitting in it, of course, we will feel comfortable when driving.

The machines in this car are also very perfect and very neat so that not just any car repair shop can fix it.

The technology in this car certainly has the latest technology. It can be said that cars with high performance and "expensive" prices certainly can compete with other cars in its class such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Koenigsegg, and Bugatti.
Tesla Roadster Head to head with Bugatti Chiron
Interior design that looks so futuristic

Of the total seats, the Tesla Roadster can accommodate 4 passengers. Whereas other sports cars only have 2 passenger seats.

Tesla Roadster Head to head with Bugatti Chiron

Although the price of the Tesla Roadster is the most expensive model of all the models in Tesla, it is able to deal with the luxury sports car in the world, the Bugatti Chiron,

At present Bugatti Chiron is priced at around $ 3,000,000 (three million dollars) or equivalent to 39 billion rupiahs. Much more expensive when compared to the Tesla Roadster which is only priced at 3.4 billion for the most expensive type of Tesla Roadster.
Tesla Roadster Head to head with Bugatti Chiron
Credit: Clean Technica

For acceleration performance from 0-60 MPH (100 Km / Hour), the Bugatti Chiron takes 2.4 seconds while the Tesla Roadster only needs 1.9 seconds to get the speed of 0-60 MPH. What do you think, is the Tesla Roadster still expensive? or commensurate?

For speed, this car is no joke. With its elegant body, this car can run from 1-100km / h in 1.9 seconds.

This is a fantastic speed and is worth having. In other words, this car has the fastest acceleration in its class. Because it's not wrong if the Tesla users will be more proud later.
Tesla Roadster Head to head with Bugatti Chiron

Get a Tesla Roadster Car

With a little explanation above can be said that not everyone can have a car with this type. For those of us who want to buy or own this car, you can line up today because the sale uses a pre-order system.

However, we must pay off the car first. In addition, we will also be charged additional fees if needed with additional costs that we do not know about.
Tesla Roadster Head to head with Bugatti Chiron

It can be said this is a difficult thing for prospective buyers, but nevertheless many are lining up and want to get their cars. Besides its high price and limited production, this car is an energy-efficient and pollution-free car.

Although it has a very expensive price compared to conventional cars in Indonesia, the Tesla Roadster electric car still has a lot of interest because of its advantages.

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