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How to Install New Track or Circuit on Assetto Corsa - Easy and Fast!
How to Install New Track or Circuit on Assetto Corsa - Easy and Fast!

The following is an easy and fast way to install or install circuit mods in the Assetto Corsa game. With this tutorial, you will be able to install or install a new circuit into the Assetto Corsa game in just a few steps.

Generally, the circuit mod file for the Assetto Corsa game uses a .ZIP/.RAR file type so if you find a mod file other than zip/rar format such as .apk, exe, run, and the like, then you need to double-check the source of the file because it could be that dangerous virus. So make sure the circuit mod file you get uses the file type ".zip" or ".rar".

Some circuits are free and some are paid, depending on the developer or circuit maker.

Content Manager App is a Must

In this tutorial (and in other Assetto Corsa tutorials on the rinditech.com website), I will often use the Content Manager application to simplify the installation process or troubleshoot any problems related to the Assetto Corsa game.

By using the Content Manager application I can cut several steps so they are shorter than changing the original game installation files. Making the mod installation process easier and faster, of course.

There are free and paid versions of Content Manager, if you are a casual user, the free version of Content Manager (Lite) is enough, there is no need to use the paid version. However, this application can only be used for the original Assetto Corsa and is connected to the Steam application on the computer. Cannot be used on game consoles such as PlayStation or XBOX.

Therefore, if you have not yet used the Content Manager application, and before continuing with the tutorial below, please download and install the following Content Manager application first: Latest Content Manager (.zip)

How to Install New Track or Circuit on Assetto Corsa

1. Get the Circuit Installation File

Prepare the circuit file for installation. You can get it from various sources such as YouTube, Google search results, or directly from special sim racing websites such as Race Department, Assetto Corsa Club, Assetto World, and other (trusted) sources.

How to Install New Track or Circuit on Assetto Corsa - Easy and Fast!

In this example, I will install the Donington Park circuit mod (free) which I downloaded from the Race Department website.

2. Installing the Circuit file

  • Open the Content Manager application. If you haven't used this application, I highly recommend that you use the Content Manager application because it will greatly facilitate the installation process for any Asseto Corsa game, for example, this circuit mod.
  • Leave the Content Manager page open (don't minimize it).
  • Open the folder where you saved the circuit file that you previously downloaded above.
  • Drag and drop the circuit file to the Content Manager page that is still open. If there are no problems, a sign will appear that the application detected a new file or mod. One sign is that the menu button changes color to green.
    How to Install New Track or Circuit on Assetto Corsa - Easy and Fast!
  • Click the menu button (three stacked lines) next to the Minimize button. A new menu will appear and you will see the name of the detected mod at the bottom.
  • Click the "Install" button below the name of the circuit mod you want to install.
    How to Install New Track or Circuit on Assetto Corsa - Easy and Fast!
  • If there are no problems, the system will start the installation or installation of a new mod to your Assetto Corsa game. Wait until this process is complete and the notification "Successfully installed" appears.

3. Test Drive Circuit

If the mod installation process is successful, you can select the circuit to try immediately. Please do a driver test using practice mode, or you can also race directly on the circuit you just installed.

Make sure all parts of the circuit can be used. If there is a problem or error in some location that disrupts your racing experience, don't hesitate to report it to the circuit developer, generally they will immediately fix it in the next update.

Some things to keep in mind when testing a new circuit:

  • Circuit Design and Layout
  • Track Limits
  • Boundary walls, curbs, bumps
  • Pit Stops and Pit Lanes
  • Impact on PC performance (Frame Rate, FPS, etc.)
  • AI capabilities (opponents)
  • Day - Night transition and weather
  • HUD and User Interface (track map, etc.)
  • Visual quality (Buildings, Trees, etc.)

Can the method above be used to install vehicle mods?

It's really possible! You can actually use the method above to install any mod to the Assetto Corsa game, including traffic mods, additional feature mods, car mods or other vehicle mods. The method is exactly the same as installing the circuit mod above, the only difference is the mod file.

What you need to pay attention to is the authenticity of the mod file that you install, make sure you download it only from trusted sources because there are quite a few sources that share mods that are damaged or don't even work at all.

Common problems frequently encountered

  • Missing or corrupted files. Make sure you download all parts of the mod, if necessary, re-download the mod file.
  • The mod does not appear in the game (does not appear in the circuit list). Check the download page, and make sure you complete all the steps necessary to install the circuit mod.
  • The game becomes an error (crashes or freezes). Make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements for playing the Assetto Corsa game. If necessary, lower the image quality to medium, low, or very low. Also, make sure you use the latest driver for the graphics card (GPU) you are using.
  • The circuit has a lot of errors or a lot of things that don't match up during the race. Make sure you use the latest mod (update) and check the mod community page, usually, someone has the same problem as you, and if you're lucky you will also get a solution.
  • Loading time is very slow. Check if the circuit mod has a lot of assets or a lot of details. If you are still using a hard disk to install games, consider using faster storage such as an SSD.

If you are still experiencing other problems, please read the mod documentation page again or seek help from the Assetto Corsa community. Keep in mind that modding like this is sometimes still in the experimental or testing stage, so there is a possibility of lots of errors.

Hopefully, this article on how to install circuit mods in the Assetto Corsa game is useful. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column as usual. Remain a wise user. Good luck!

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