Easier! Monetization Requirements to Get Payment from X / Twitter As A Content Creator

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Easier! Monetization Requirements to Get Payment from X / Twitter As A Content Creator
Easier! Monetization Requirements to Get Payment from X / Twitter As A Content Creator

After being purchased by Elon Musk, Twitter received several adjustments, one of which was in terms of treating users. Twitter or X creates a revenue-sharing program that they get from advertisers to Twitter users or accounts that meet the requirements. Even though the conditions are easier now, you still have to spend money to pay for Twitter Premium.

The latest requirement to qualify for revenue sharing from X is that you must have at least 5 million views from a verified account or premium account in the last 3 months. This figure is smaller than the previous regulation which required 15 million views in the last 3 months.

The new regulation also states that the minimum payout has been reduced from $50 to $10.

But apart from having to get a minimum of views, you still have to use a verified account, and to get a verified account you have to subscribe to an X Premium account for IDR 120,000/per month or IDR 1,250,000/per year.

Main Monetization Requirements to Get Payment from X / Twitter

  1. Have an X Premium account or Connect with a verified Organization.
  2. Have at least 5M organic impressions from all posts in the last 3 months
  3. Have a minimum of 500 followers

Currently, there are 2 types of monetization available in the X app for you as a user to earn or receive payment. First, there is monetization from ad revenue sharing (Ad Revenue Sharing) in X and second, there is monetization from subscribers who pay subscription fees to your account.

In addition to the main requirements above, there are also general requirements so that our X account gets permission to activate monetization features such as paid subscription features and profit sharing from advertising revenue on X or Twitter.

Minimum Number of Views Reduced to 5 Million Views

One of the most difficult conditions for activating monetization on our X account is the minimum number of views. Maybe you have the money to subscribe to Twitter / X Premium but not necessarily your account can get more than 15 million views in 3 months.

Not to mention that views are counted only from accounts that have subscribed to Twitter Blue, which has now changed its name to X Premium. So even if you create thousands of fictitious accounts, they won't count because these accounts are not registered as Premium accounts.

Now the minimum limit has been lowered from 15 million views to 5 million views in the last 3 months or the last 90 days. Even though 5 million views is still a very high number, when compared to the previous 15 million, this change is a breath of fresh air for beginners.

Getting 500 Followers is big homework for some people

For a public figure to get 500 followers is very easy, it has been proven when several artists or people who were previously well-known created new accounts, thousands and even tens of thousands of people have automatically become their followers even though they only updated their status once.

In contrast to ordinary people who previously rarely interacted on social media or only interacted with close people, getting 500 followers is quite difficult, especially with an ordinary account without a verified logo.

But it's not impossible if we keep trying, surely there will be people who are interested in becoming our followers, especially if the content or media we share is liked and useful for others.

Still have to subscribe to X Premium (Verified)

Even though you will get money from your activity on Twitter/X, you are still required to subscribe to an X Premium account which is marked with a verified symbol (blue tick) on your Twitter account.

Currently, the price for subscribing to X Premium in Indonesia is IDR 120,000 (one hundred and twenty thousand rupiah) / per month, or IDR 1,250,000 (one million two hundred and fifty thousand rupiah) / per year. By subscribing to Twitter or X Premium you can get some additional features that can only be used by verified/premium account owners.

  • X Premium IDR 120,000 / per month
  • X Premium IDR 1,250,000/per year

If you have already received a salary or monetization from Twitter, it seems that the price above is not a problem, but when compared to other subscription fees such as Netflix and other entertainment media, in my opinion, this price is still expensive, especially since Twitter is still included in the category of social media, not entertainment media, which means even if we subscribe to Twitter, there will be no entertainment when we access Twitter.

Therefore, if you are just an ordinary user who doesn't rely too much on Twitter, a normal account without a subscription is actually sufficient. Unless you want to pursue monetization or salary from Twitter then subscribing to Twitter is mandatory.

Benefits of subscribing to X Premium (Verified)

  • Get more priority in every conversation and in search results.
  • can see 2x as many posts between ads on the "For You" and "Following" pages.
  • Can add "bold" and "italic" effects to posts/tweets that are made.
  • Can upload videos of longer duration with 1080p quality.
  • Can make long tweets. You can make posts, replies, and quotes up to 25000 characters.
  • Edit Post/Tweet up to 5 times in 30 minutes
  • The profile picture you use can be turned into an NFT that you automatically own.
  • Get all Twitter Blue features such as Edit Tweets, Bookmark Folders, and early access to the latest features.

General requirements to be able to monetize on X / Twitter

  • Your country has been included in the X / Twitter monetization program list
  • Age 18 years or over
  • Have 500 followers or more
  • The Twitter account has been active for at least the last 3 months.
  • Complete your profile such as name, bio, profile picture, and header image.
  • The email address has been verified
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Not affiliated with state-owned media
  • Do not violate Twitter rules repeatedly
  • Have never violated any regulations as an advertiser
  • Connect a Stripe account to accept payments

Hopefully, this information regarding the tutorial or conditions for getting a salary from X or Twitter monetization is useful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments column below as usual. Remain a wise user. Good luck!

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