Fix Fuel Consumption Error in Assetto Corsa - AI PIT STOP Every 2 Laps

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Fix Fuel Consumption Error in Assetto Corsa - AI PIT STOP Every 2 Laps
Fix Fuel Consumption in Assetto Corsa - AI PIT STOP Every 2 Laps

This is how to fix or fix fuel consumption in Assetto Corsa which makes AI enter the Pit every 2 laps. In this tutorial, we will change the computer's fuel consumption (AI) to be more realistic and not always enter PIT every 2 laps (error). We can also set the Mandatory PIT STOP.

To fix the AI fuel consumption error in Assetto Corsa we need to change the car mileage value / per liter. Then we also need to change the value of fuel consumption / per 1000 liters in the data folder of each car. To be able to change the data we need to enable developer mode.

Before starting, I suggest you record how many liters of fuel or gasoline the AI ​​uses before making this change, if necessary also record the fuel usage for every 1 lap. Later we will compare after making the changes below.

Below I use an Indycar as an example, if you use another car, please adjust it to the data of the car in real life. Please use google search to get data about the car you want to use such as gas tank capacity, usage / per kilometer, etc.

Fix AI Fuel Consumption Error in Assetto Corsa

To make it easier to understand, here I will use the Indycar (APEX INDYCAR ROAD) as an example at the St. Petersburg Circuit with 10 laps. Please also apply the same method on the car that you want to change the fuel consumption.

For comparison, in the default setting (before changing) AI uses 19 liters of gasoline and each lap can consume about 7 liters, so every 2 laps they have to enter PIT to refill fuel.

After making changes, AI initially uses 23 liters of fuel and each lap can consume (on average) 2 liters. After this change the use of fuel becomes more natural and most importantly, they don't have to enter PIT until the end of the race.

1. Activate Developer Mode in Content Manager & Unpack file data.acd

  1. First, please open the Content Manager application
  2. Then open the menu >About
  3. Under the Content Manager logo it says "Version: 0.8.2393.....", Please click 8-12 times right on the "Version" word until a notification or popup appears telling us that we have activated Developer Mode. If there is no response or no notification appears, it's possible that the developer mode was active previously.
    Fix Fuel Consumption in Assetto Corsa - AI PIT STOP Every 2 Laps
  4. Next, please open the menu >Content, then select the sub-menu >Cars
  5. Select the car you want to edit the fuel usage
  6. Click on "Unpack data" (usually at the bottom of the application). If successful the system will automatically open the data folder which previously had the filetype "data.acd". If there is no Unpack data writing (cannot be clicked) then most likely you have not succeeded in activating developer mode, please repeat the method above. If it is successful, please continue to step 2 below.
    Fix Fuel Consumption in Assetto Corsa - AI PIT STOP Every 2 Laps

2. Edit Fuel Consumption /per Kilometer

  1. In the data folder above, please open the "fuel_cons.ini" file. In this folder, I found the words "KM_PER_LITER=2" which means this Indycar consumes 1 liter of fuel every 2 kilometers.
  2. Here I compare it with the original Indycar fuel consumption (real life), after doing a search on google it turns out that Indycar cars (on average) can travel 1.7 km / per liter. So I changed the data in the fuel_cons.ini file from "KM_PER_LITER=2" to "KM_PER_LITER=1.7".
  3. After making the above changes, please save (Ctrl+S) then close the fuel_cons page. Please continue to step 3 below.
After making this change, the AI ​​Indycar, which used to carry 19 liters of fuel, changed to 23 liters.

3. Edit Fuel Consumption /per 1000 liters

  1. Still in the "data" folder, please open the file with the name "car.ini"
  2. Look for data with the words CONSUMPTION (above it says "FUEL"), in the example in the Indycar car file it says "CONSUMPTION=0.0038" Please change the value "0.0038" until you find the right number for fuel usage that is closest to real conditions. The smaller the number, the less fuel is needed. If you are confused please follow my method below.
  3. After doing some experimentation I found a sweet spot at 0.001 (one per thousand), so I changed it from "CONSUMPTION=0.0038" to "CONSUMPTION=0.001". After making this change, AI's fuel use has been (on average) 7 liters/lap to 2 liters/lap.
    Fix Fuel Consumption in Assetto Corsa - AI PIT STOP Every 2 Laps
  4. If you have changed the data above, please Save (Ctrl + S) and then close the file.
  5. In the Content Manager application, please click on the text >Pack data. There will be a confirmation window to replace data, click the button >Yes. Wait a moment for the car folder to open again.
  6. Please delete the "data" folder. Remember, delete the FOLDER with the words "data", NOT the "data.acd" file. If so, please close the window (close).
  7. Then please try play again in the Assetto Corsa game with the same scenario, if successful the AI ​​(computer) will use fuel according to the number of laps/race time.
  8. Finished. Please compare the amount of fuel used before and after making this adjustment.

After making this change, the AI ​​which initially consumed 7 liters of fuel /per lap, changed to 2 liters /per lap, aligned with the fuel consumption data /per kilometer above. This figure is also almost the same as the use of fuel in Indycar races in real life.

How to Setup a Mandatory Pit Stop

Please note that in the Assetto Corsa game, AI does PIT not because the tires are running out, but because the amount of fuel is running low. That way if we want to apply the mandatory PIT Stop with AI, we have to change the fuel data.

The easiest way is to change the fuel consumption ratio on the main Content Manager page and the other way is to change the max fuel in the car database. To do this, please follow the steps below. Please choose one.

Changing the fuel consumption ratio

  1. Please set the race as usual on the Content Manager page.
  2. On the Content Manager main page, please click the race options button (the three-dot icon next to Tire blankets) until a popup menu appears.
  3. In the popup menu that appears, please slide or change the Fuel consumptions section to 2x or other numbers (the important thing is more than 1x).
  4. Please continue to try racing as usual. If successful the use of fuel will be more than it should be. For example, if we choose 2x, then the fuel will run out right in the middle of the race and will make the AI ​​enter PIT to refill gasoline.
I suggest changing the fuel consumption at most at 2x, because if it is more than that, it is likely that AI will enter PIT more than once in one race because the fuel consumption is too extreme.

Change the maximum fuel capacity

  1. Please reopen the "car.ini" file as above (section: Edit fuel consumption /100 liters)
  2. Look for data with the words "MAX_FUEL=...." Please change the data so that the maximum use of fuel is limited so that AI will enter PIT in the middle of the race, such as mandatory pit stops.
  3. Example. If in one race you only need 30 liters of fuel, and it says MAX_FUEL=70, then please change the number 70 to below 30 (example: MAX_FUEL= 20). That way AI was forced to enter PIT in the middle of the race (or before the finish) because there was not enough fuel until the end of the race.
  4. Please save the changes (Ctrl+S) then don't forget to click the "Pack data" button so that the car can be used.
  5. Finished. Please try the test race again. If successful the AI ​​will enter the pits in the middle of the race because there is not enough fuel to finish the race.
Because this change is manual, don't forget to change this data back to the default value after the race is finished so that maximum fuel returns to normal capacity.

Actually changing the fuel consumption part /1000 liters can also make AI enter the pit, but it seems the numbers are too detailed and not easy to remember, so the most possible and easy way is to change the capacity of the fuel tank or change the fuel consumption ratio.

Hopefully, this article on how to Fix Fuel Consumption Errors in Assetto Corsa which makes AI enter the Pit Stop every 2 laps is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column as usual. Keep being a wise user!

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