How to Open Windows and Doors in ETS2 (Trucks and Buses)

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How to Open Windows and Doors in ETS2 (Trucks and Buses)

How to Open Windows and Doors in ETS2 (Trucks and Buses)

The following is how to open and close the right-left truck windows and also open and close the doors of buses or other vehicles in the ETS2 (Euro Truck Simulator 2) game. I practiced this method in the ETS2 game version 1.48 and it immediately worked. This method can be practiced starting from version 1.37 (or later).

Using the window or door opening and closing feature adds a sense of immersion when playing games. I personally often use this when connecting a truck with a trailer or cargo and also when passing roundabouts or intersections. Everything feels more satisfying when using this feature.

Apart from trucks which are built into the game, this feature can also be used for buses or other vehicles made by third-party developers. The condition is that the developer himself must make the mod able to open doors with buttons to open windows.

So, make sure the bus mod or vehicle you are using is equipped with a door opening and closing feature.

How to Open Windows and Doors in ETS2 (Trucks and Buses)

This method can only be used in the Euro Truck Simulator game, at least version 1.37 or later. If you are using the version below, it means you have to update the game first. Until now (version 1.49) the window or door open and close feature can still be used and it looks like it will continue to exist.

Step 1: Go to the "Locks and Keys" settings page

  1. Run the ETS2 game
  2. Open one of the profiles or create a new profile for testing
  3. On the main page, please open the "Settings" section then select the "Key and Buttons" menu

    How to Open Windows and Doors in ETS2 (Trucks and Buses)

Step 2: Set the window (and door) open and close buttons

On the "Key and Buttons" page, please look for the window settings as below:

  • Open Right Window
  • Close the Right Window
  • Open Left Window
  • Close Left Window

If it is located, please register or assign the buttons you want to use for the four functions above in the "Primary" or "Secondary" column. As a reference, I use these buttons to set the four functions above. You can use other buttons as you wish.

Function Button
Open Right Window Num 2
Close Right Window Num 5
Open Left Window Num 1
Close Left Window Num 4

How to Open Windows and Doors in ETS2 (Trucks and Buses)

Where is the setting for opening and closing the door? The settings for opening and closing the door are the same as the settings for opening and closing the window. So opening a window is the same as opening a door, closing a window is the same as closing a door.

Generally, the settings for bus doors or other vehicles other than trucks in the ETS2 game are taken from the window settings because these vehicles are not native to the default game, but from third-party developers. So, if you can open the door, it means you won't be able to open the window, and vice versa.

Step 3: Do a test run

If you have set the buttons above, please try them immediately on the vehicle you want. If you are using a truck, this means the button above opens and closes the window. If you use the bus, the button above opens and closes the bus door (or other vehicle)

The bus door won't open?

It should be noted that not all vehicles in the ETS2 game can have their doors opened, especially mod vehicles or vehicles that come from third parties, including buses that you often use in the game. Actually, the ETS2 game does not provide buses to drive, the buses in the game are only for traffic needs (traffic vehicles that complement your journey when you take a truck).

Not all developers or parties who make bus mods add the door opening and closing feature. There are developers or makers of detailed bus mods (including opening and closing the doors), and there are also developers who don't use this feature.

So first, please check what features you will get from the bus mod, make sure there is a feature that can open and close doors or windows.

Hopefully, this article about how to open windows or doors in the ETS2 game is useful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments column below as usual. Good luck!

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