How to Enable Developer Mode in ETS2 and Its Benefits

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How to Enable Developer Mode in ETS2 and Its Benefits

How to Enable Developer Mode in ETS2 and Its Benefits

The following is how to activate developer mode in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 commonly abbreviated as ETS2. Using developer mode when playing the ETS2 game has many benefits, you can speed up time, move places, and even make the beautiful light of the Aurora Borealis appear in the northern sky.

Developer mode allows players to access the command box which can be used to change several conditions in the game. By pressing the tilde key (`) in the game, a command box will appear and players can give several commands to the game directly in the command box.

Some of the features that I often use in the developer mode feature are teleporting to move cities or places instantly, speeding up time, changing the weather from rainy to sunny or vice versa, reducing or adding traffic flow, and so on.

How to Enable Developer Mode in ETS2

Before going to the first step, make sure the ETS2 game on your PC is not being played (exit game).

  1. Open Windows Explorer (Win+E)
  2. Open the "Documents" folder
  3. In the Documents folder, please find and open the "Euro Truck Simulator 2" folder.
  4. Find then open the file called "config.cfg" with the notepad application. Just in case, before opening, please backup this file in another safe folder.
  5. In the config file, please look for the text named uset g_developer "0". Please change the number zero to one, so it looks like this: uset g_developer "1"
  6. Next, look for the text called uset g_console "0". Just like above, change the number zero to one, so it looks like this: uset g_console "1"

    How to Enable Developer Mode in ETS2 and Its Benefits

  7. Save changes to the file by clicking the "File" button then selecting "Save" or pressing "Ctrl + S" on the keyboard. If it has been saved, please close the file (close).
  8. Done. Please restart the game and play again as usual and try pressing the tilde (`) button to open the developer mode command box in the game. If there are no problems, a special developer command box will appear.

Benefits of Enabling Developer Mode in ETS2

  • Access to console commands. The main goal of players, like me, in activating developer mode is to be able to give direct commands to the game to change or adjust things in the game such as speeding up time, moving places instantly, changing traffic density, changing the weather, etc.
  • Modding. Some mods or content from third parties such as bus mods, graphics mods, etc. require developer mode access so that there are no problems when playing.
  • Multi-monitor support. To use more than 1 monitor you must have access to developer mode because multi-monitor settings and adjustments must be from console commands.
  • Camera control. Several camera views or millions of images can be set from the command box in developer mode. One example is changing the visibility of the mirrors on the truck.
  • Debugging and testing. With developer mode, you can monitor running data in real-time. That way you can carry out tests to improve the system that is being used.

List of codes that can be used once developer mode is active

Below are some codes that I often use when playing ETS2 with the help of the command box after developer mode is active. For a complete list, please search for it yourself on Google or YouTube.

  • goto cityname (move places instantly (teleport): complete instructions please read here)
  • g_set_time XX (speed time. XX = 01 - 24)
  • g_set_weather 0/1 (changes weather 0 = sunny 1 = rainy)
  • g_set_traffic 1-10 (changes traffic flow density. 1 = quietest, 10 = busiest)
  • g_set_skybox 1-3 (changes the appearance of clouds/sky)
  • etc.

Some problems and their solutions

The config.cfg file could not be found. Make sure you are looking in the correct folder "Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2". If it still can't be found, make sure you are not opening the ETS2 game, if necessary, restart the PC first.

The command box does not appear when the tilde key (`) is pressed. Make sure you have changed the zero to "0" in the "uset g_developer" and "uset g_console" settings as written above. If necessary, reopen the config.cfg file that has been changed above, make sure these two settings have been changed.

Some codes/instructions do not work when entered into the command box. Make sure you use the ETS2 game with the latest update, some features and codes can only be used in the latest game update.

Hopefully, this article on how to activate developer mode in the ETS2 game is useful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments column below as usual. Remain a wise user. Good luck!.

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