How to Change Traffic Density in ETS2 - Can Be Jammed or All Gone

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How to Change Traffic Density in ETS2 - Can Be Jammed or All Gone

How to Change Traffic Density in ETS2 - Can Be Jammed or All Gone

I'm not European, so when I play the Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) game sometimes the roads feel empty even though that is normal traffic by European standards. So mostly I increase the density of AI cars or traffic when playing this game so that it still feels like I'm in my own country (Indonesia). Haha

How to change the traffic density in the ETS2 game is actually very easy, You only need to choose a density level from 1 to 10. Level one means the quietest or least traffic possible, while level ten will make the streets busy and congested, sometimes even to the point of complete traffic jams.

I also often use this method when traffic at an intersection or roundabout is locked and not moving. Usually, I first lower the traffic level then if it is running smoothly I return it to my favorite level.

However, before you can choose the level of traffic density, you have to make sure that the game you are playing has developer mode activated. By activating developer mode you can directly give commands to the game to change several settings, including traffic density instantly.

How to Change Traffic Density in ETS2 - Can Be Jammed or All Gone

  1. Make sure you are opening the game or playing the game as usual.
  2. Click the Tilde (`) button on the keyboard. This button is to the left of the "1" button, below the "Esc" button. If there are no problems, a command box for the developer will appear. If it doesn't appear, it means you have to activate developer mode on the PC you are using, please see the tutorial at the bottom.
  3. Type: "g_traffic (0-10)". The numbers 0-10 are the level of density, the number zero (0) means very quiet (empty) and the number ten (10) means very dense (jammed). For example, if I want to increase the traffic density to make the road full of car then I will type "g_traffic 9" or "g_traffic 10". If I want to reduce traffic then I will type "g_traffic 3", "g_traffic 2", or "g_traffic 1" for the lightest or quietest traffic (not zero traffic). If I wanted to eliminate all vehicles I would use the code "g_traffic 0".

    How to Change Traffic Density in ETS2 - Can Be Jammed or All Gone 1

  4. If you have selected a density level between 1 - 10 on the developer box, please click the "Enter" button
  5. Done. Wait a few seconds until traffic or cars arrive or leave according to the density level you have set above.

Please use one of the codes below for reference purposes. As written above, please experiment with several levels below, until you find a suitable setting/code.

  • g_traffic 10 (most congested/jammed)
  • g_traffic 9
  • g_traffic 8
  • g_traffic 7
  • g_traffic 6
  • g_traffic 5
  • g_traffic 4
  • g_traffic 3
  • g_traffic 2
  • g_traffic 1 (quietest/default)
  • g_traffic 0 (no traffic/empty)

As written above, actually level one (g_traffic 1) is the default or normal level by game standards. Below level one it goes straight to level zero where all vehicles will disappear. So if you want to eliminate all cars or traffic in ETS2 you just need to use the code "g_traffic 0" then click Enter and all cars will disappear.

Apart from level one, if you want to get denser traffic, please try starting from level 2, level 3, to level 10, and choose the level that suits you best.

How to activate developer mode in Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game

  • Please close the ETS2 game (if still playing)
  • Open the following folder: "Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2"
  • Find and open the file named "config.cfg" with Notepad
  • In the config file, please look for the words uset g_developer "0". Change the number zero (0) to one (1) until the text looks like this: uset g_developer "1".
  • Next, please look for the words uset g_console "0". Change the number zero (0) to one (1) until the result is like this: uset g_console "1".
  • Save changes (File/Save) or press "Ctrl + S" (save).
  • Close the file then play the game again and try pressing the tilde (`) key. If there are no problems now the developer box will appear.

For a complete explanation with pictures and the benefits of using developer mode, please read the following article: How to Activate Developer Mode in ETS2 and its Benefits

Tips for choosing the level of traffic density when playing

  • If you like dense or busy traffic, please try first at traffic level 5 (g traffic 5), if it is less dense you can increase it one level (g traffic 6) and continue increasing until you find the right traffic density. Don't wait for the traffic to show up in one place, just drive normally and let the traffic come naturally.
  • If you like light traffic, please try traffic level 4 (g traffic 4). If it still feels congested, please lower it gradually starting from level 3 (g traffic 3), level 2, and level 1 which is the quietest with traffic.
  • If you are in a locked position because traffic is too dense, you can try lowering the density level temporarily. For example, if you are at level 5, please first lower it to level 1 or even level zero, until the traffic is back to normal, then once it is back to normal, you can back to level 5 traffic again.
  • level 10 does not guarantee immediate congestion and traffic jams. Congestion usually occurs naturally and takes time. The higher the traffic level, the greater the possibility of traffic jam.

Density on toll roads will look different from density on inner-city routes even though it is at the same level. Always actively adjust traffic levels to avoid sudden traffic jams. Day and night density is also different, usually during the day it will be denser than at night.

Hopefully, this article about how to change traffic density in the ETS2 game is useful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments column below as usual. Remain a wise user. Good luck!

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