More Realistic! Remove Hologram Animations in ETS2, Here's How

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More Realistic! Remove Hologram Animations in ETS2, Here's How

More Realistic! Remove Hologram Animations in ETS2, Here's How

Change the appearance of your ETS2 game with the immersive symbol mod to make it look more realistic. This mod will remove all holographic signs or animations commonly used as markers for important locations in the game, replacing them with more realistic signs and features.

In addition to the features of the official Euro Truck Simulator 2 game, many features are also created by fans or third parties (3rd party), commonly known as mods. One mod that I personally often use is the HN Immersive Symbol Extreme mod created by Habdorn.

This mod provides a more realistic look when driving trucks or buses in the ETS2 game. All holograms or animations marking important places will be removed and replaced with more natural signs such as manhole covers and cones (orange triangles) as parking guides for loading and unloading.

How to Remove Hologram Animations in ETS2:

  1. Open the Steam application on your PC.
  2. In the Steam app, open the "Workshop" menu on the main page of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.
  3. Use the search box and search for the keyword "HN Immersive Symbols Extreme."
  4. Select and open the mod that matches the above keyword. Once open, click the "Subscribe" button. Wait a moment until this mod is perfectly installed in your ETS2 game.

    More Realistic! Remove Hologram Animations in ETS2, Here's How

  5. If the installation process is completed, you can close the Steam application and run the ETS2 game.
  6. On the game's home page (LAUNCHPAD), open the "Mod Manager" menu. Make sure the mod named "HN Immersive Symbols Extreme" is already in "Active" status.

    More Realistic! Remove Hologram Animations in ETS2, Here's How

  7. If the mod is already "Active," go back to the main page (exit the Mod Manager page) and continue playing the game as usual.
  8. Go to places typically marked with hologram animations in the game. If there are no issues, all holograms will disappear and be replaced with more natural signs for a realistic appearance (as shown in the pictures below).

If there's no problem, all holographic markers for important locations such as job pickup locations, gas stations, dealers, etc., are replaced with manhole covers or circular steel lids commonly used to cover drainage under roads.

In addition to replacing hologram animations for important locations with manhole covers, this mod will also replace trailer (loading) or parking (unloading) signs with four orange traffic cones.

Important notes from this mod:

  • Replaces garage, company, gas station icons, etc., with large invisible boxes. As a replacement, you will see manhole covers. You can still see all icons and signs on the Map and GPS as usual.

    More Realistic! Remove Hologram Animations in ETS2, Here's How

  • Replaces all loading (picking up goods) and unloading (dropping goods) locations with traffic cones. Each traffic cone has bright lights and will turn green when your truck or trailer is in the correct position.

    More Realistic! Remove Hologram Animations in ETS2, Here's How

  • Replaces all dead-end road boundaries with something invisible. Not replaced by anything.

What I don't like about this mod:

One thing that I don't like when using this mod is that all holograms intended to restrict players, such as dead-end roads or map boundaries, will disappear without being replaced by any signs. So if you cross these road boundaries, you will be stopped by an invisible wall.

Similarly, if you teleport and spawn or land on a road that is not on the map, you may be trapped in that location. You won't be able to enter the original road or map. You will be stuck in that location forever.

The solution if you are stuck in an isolated area is to teleport again and make sure you don't spawn in an isolated location again. In addition to teleportation, you can also use the Quick Travel feature in the main menu.

Hopefully, this tutorial or article on how to remove hologram animations in the ETS2 game is helpful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section as usual. Stay wise and happy gaming!

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